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Thumbs up!"With a healthy interaction of light flavor, texture, and aroma, this is good tea."
Brad’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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weareteadragonwellThe scent of the dry leaves is that of the savannah air following a fresh and full rain. The light- to medium-green tint of hearty, flat leaves is consistent with the Dragon Well motif. While the post-rain savannah spirit is tamed after steeping, the memory of it is preserved in a healthy green aroma.

The natural flavor of a basic green tea is understated here, which is appropriate for this variety. With a lighter, grassier roll, the tea feels smooth and cool. It isn't without kick, as the flavor bounces a bit over the course of its earliest travel, but that kick remains on the tip of the tongue; it doesn't slip into the throat. The mellow green splash is soothing.

In this case, the texture is slightly coarser than the flavor. It isn't thick, but the aforementioned kick is at least partially attributed to the physical characteristics of the tea. The liquid dissipates very quickly but leaves no unpleasant taste or sensation in its wake. Instead, it leaves an aura of freshness, like spearmint.

Each component of this tea comes together to create a desirable experience. The flavor and texture and aroma interact smoothly. This is good tea.

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