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Its OK"The bright malty kick of this tea blend makes a nice choice for breakfast and there is a nearly creamy gentleness to the finish that could be attributed to vanilla."
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lahlooLahloo is a UK based tea boutique selling a variety of teas and founded fairly recently by a woman named Kate Gover. The Lahloo story is a nice one, and can be read at the Lahloo Tea Website. To give you a bit of background into the pleasantly whimsical name of the company (named after a clipper ship...the type of ship that the John Co. eventually used to transport tea and other goods between China and England). Here is an excerpt from the website:

"Built in 1867, the Lahloo was one of the most famous tea clippers of the 19th century. So-called because of the way they “clipped” miles, clippers were built for speed and raced to bring tea from China to London.
Having grown up around dockside in London, Kate Gover’s great-great grandfather George Hockaday was drawn into a career as a sailor and he worked on the Lahloo as she joined the clipper races."

Vanilla Mist is my first sample of Lahloo's offerings. The mixture of long and short mostly near jet wiry leaves is a blend comprised of Ceylon, Lapsang and Oolong teas. Along with the blend of teas, one will notice tiny slivers of Madagascar vanilla bean and little chunks of cinnamon. The scent of the dry leaf is mild but with a nice spiciness to the tea (perhaps from the Lapsang?) and zippy hints of cinnamon. I can't detect the vanilla super clearly, but a certain richness to the scent is intriguing.

I used a heaped tablespoon of this tea to a 24 ounce breakfast pot of tea. Using freshly boiled water allowed to cool a bit, I steeped for just over three minutes. This steeping produces a pretty coppery caramel colored cup with a very slight smokiness from the Lapsang (don't worry about this being overpowering if you are Lapsang shy) and the slightest kick of cinnamon at the rear of the sip. I found the vanilla disappointingly elusive but as a black tea, the cup has a pleasant smoky complexity and a chipper sort of maltiness to it that is something I enjoy in a morning tea.

The bright malty kick of this tea blend makes a nice choice for breakfast and while the vanilla isn't really discernible per se (I think this might be a disappointment for those seeking a vanilla tasting tea), there is a nearly creamy gentleness to the finish that could be attributed to the vanilla. I enjoyed the briskness of this tea and the slight astringency to the finish. The flavors seem to pull together more as the tea cools down slightly.

I would recommend this as an uncomplicated breakfast blend, neither too robust nor too wimpy. My only caveat would be that someone picking this tea out due to vanilla being in the name might be a little sorry that it's not more outstanding.

— To purchase Lahloo Vanilla Mist, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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