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Thumbs up!"Tastewise, this held up sweet and very smooth. Very, very easy to appreciate. "
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jingsliverneedle.jpgWhenever I see a silver needle after "being away" for awhile, I wonder what could have drawn my attention elsewhere. There are numerous teas out there that have gorgeous leaf, and often it's a big part of the aesthetic draw of tea, but silver needle, to me, remains outstanding. Jing's Silver Needle offering is another beauty. Lovely leaves and buds all over 1/2 inch long and covered with silvery green down appear most pleasing to the eye. The dried leaf has a strong and very sweet, faintly fruity scent. I used a very heaped tablespoon of this tea in a 24 ounce infuser pot. I heated my water to 170 degrees and allowed a two minute steep to start. (I would recommend three minutes, though. I usually start a little longer with white teas and think that works better, personally).

The hot water releases a rush of scents from this leaf. First off, sweetness greets your nose. Then you can begin to pick up on a clean vegetal scent in there, followed closely by a slightly floral or fruity component of the sweetness. At the rear of your nasal spectrum you may catch a slight astringency.

Poured, the liquor is pale golden with the slightest hint of green in there as well. The two minute steep yielded a very delicate and mild brewing which was quite enjoyable but could have held up to a three minute steeping very well. I tried this sort of steeping later and was happy with the results, particularly keeping an eye on the water temperature. The delicate first infusion had hints of fruit in it, and a light vegetal quality that was very fresh, as well. As the tea cools off slightly the sweetness really steps up and this makes a very easy to sip and easy to enjoy tea any time of day.

Sweet and mellow with a nice body, I really thought it was delicious. Easy, fresh, clean and sweet for sipping.

A second infusion I allowed under four minutes for, and this yielded a tea slightly darker in color, but retaining a generally light and golden appearance. Again, tastewise this held up sweet and very smooth, very very easy to appreciate. I had another infusion that became slightly less sweet and rounded to follow, but again, enjoyable, though not of the same caliber as the first two steeps.

I thought this would make an ideal tea for a quiet afternoon sip, maybe with friends. Tea lovers and newbies alike would all appreciate the charms of white tea. It's so naturally sweet and mild, and yet has considerable flavor that you can either enjoy just as is without great thought, or with plenty of appreciation, however you choose.

Very enjoyable. Another fine silver needle.

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  1. silvermage2000 Says:

    Nice review I do also like silverneedle teas mabe I will check this one out.

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