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Its OK"… as much as I should have, I just did not care for it. "
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teasetcwhiteroseI am not certain if I feel more like a bad person, a stupid person - or both. I like Bai Mu Dan (white tea) and have also enjoyed several teas with rose petals. This tea, White Rose, was awarded with an Honorable Mention at the World Tea Championship. And on the Teas Etc website, nine customers gave it either a four or five (out of five) star rating all accompanied with very positive remarks. Nevertheless, as much as I should have, I just did not care for it.

Teas Etc is a decade old company with offices in West Palm Beach, Atlanta and China. Owned by Beth Johnston, Teas Etc is the only female owned company with winning entries in the World Tea Championship. The have won two years in a row.

White Rose is organic and a composition of Chinese grown white tea (Bai Mu Dan), organic rose petals and organic chrysanthemum. These ingredients smell a lot like rose and a bit like tea. I used eight ounces of water and one heaping teaspoon of tea. The first time I steeped the ingredients for four minutes; a few days later I tried five minutes. In both cases, while steeping, the tea smelled like rose, spinach and potato with a dash of smokiness.

The liquor was a pale yellow color and when hot (~ 175 degrees) had a very little flavor other than perhaps a hint of sweetness masked by saltiness. As it cooled, the flavor improved and increased. I could distinguish the rose and the bai mu dan. But I was still not impressed. Surprisingly, as it cooled further the flavor disappeared again. The tea has a very thin body with uninteresting and anything but complex flavor.

But don’t listen to me. I am either stupid or not loyal to the king.

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