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Thumbs up!"Mild on the Rooibos, strong on the Cinnamon, but not very Figgy."
Troy’s Teaview: 7/10
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52teaslogo.jpgI'm a spoiled brat of a man. Like every other Californian I've lived in a world where I can get most any conceivable fruit or vegetable at almost any time of the year if I just look hard enough. It's hardly a bad thing to live in the center of so many amazing plant products, but it does mean I've never really developed a taste for, or need for, flavored teas/tisanes. This blend has proved to be much the same, while I actually really liked it, as I'll describe below, its not at all for the fig flavor, for which I'd probably just eat a fig.

This, like any Rooibos blend, differs starkly from tea in that its lightly woody to nutty, can be brewed as long or as hot as you like without getting bitter, and won't give you even the slightest of buzzes. I tried it three times and found that the best results come from using water right from a boil for around ten minutes, and about twice to three times the recommended amount. None of this is odd, I prefer strong brews and flavored tisanes usually come a little light in that department and require just a bit more material.

The scent is intoxicating, which screams well the aromatics of the Cinnamon, and just a bit of a fruit twist. On the tongue the bit becomes a shadow. I love Cinnamon, so the rich, strong, spicy cinnamon makes this a blend to keep on the shelf, but its not really Figgy, figs are a mild flavor to begin with, and all that really comes through is the sugars of the fig. Maybe my disappointment comes from the rich almost banana flavored figs I used to get fresh from the backyard tree. Maybe a little banana flavor added to the mix would bring this out, or maybe it would ruin it for everyone else, these are the reasons I'm not a blender.

This is a great little blend, I wouldn't buy it expecting a "Figsperience" (copyrighting that as the name of my new fruit theme park) but its a great slightly sweet cinnamon rooibos, provides a little excitement in a chilled thermos to break up the work day, and strikes me as an interesting rub for cooking meat and vegetables. This is one of the weekly blends from 52teas tea of the month program, and is still currently available. Frank from 52teas wanted me to let fans of the site (or totally new customers for that matter) know that they've re-blended ten of their top products, so if you see one you liked, it might still be available, go look.. I'll wait..

— To purchase 52 Teas Cinnamon Fig Rooibos, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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