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Thumbs up!"The flavor profile is actually fairly enjoyable. It is what I would call sour raspberry with lemon. It also has a bit of that green mate taste, but it is not as intense as many green mate blends I have tried before are."
Laura’s Teaview: 7.6/10
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teavanaraspbrerylemonriot"Get all-day energy from the invigorating fusion of tart raspberry and lemon, with a high-octane jolt of pure Argentinean Mate. The brisk lemon and tangy raspberry give this green Mate the character and flavor you're craving." ---Teavana website.

Ah, Teavana... I often credit Teavana with the beginning of my tea obsession, but that is not really true. They were actually the beginning of my loose tea obsession. I knew that good tea had to exist and I just didn't know how or where to find it. My tea obsession really started with some unsweetened bottled Blackberry Sage tea from Republic of Tea that I had in an upscale restaurant. I bought a case of it at a very high price before I left the restaurant that day. Then my search began for good tea. When a Teavana opened in my local mall, I was in there every few days buying up nearly every blend they had. Shortly thereafter, I discovered loose tea on the internet, and it was all over. Hooked. Teavana is one of the few companies that stocks some well done mate blends. One thing about mate is that many companies will tell you that it doesn't have any caffeine, which is actually true. It does, however, contain matteine, which is a cousin to caffeine. Matteine will jazz you up in a manner that is similar to caffeine so expect a similar buzz and don't drink it before bed.

I was pleased to receive this sample because on a recent trip to my local Teavana I actually considered purchasing some of this. Teavana lists the ingredients in this as green mate tea, raspberries, apple bits, rosehips, hibiscus blossoms, lemongrass and pink rose buds. The ingredients are big, beautiful pieces and it is lovely to look at. The reason that I chose to pass on purchasing this was because of the hibiscus. We just don't get along that well because it tends to be a bit tart to my taste. The ingredients in my sample are beautiful with lots of pink pieces including whole dried raspberries and nice pink rose buds. I scooped this generously and infused with boiling water for 5 min. I also added a healthy dose of rock cane sugar to cut the tartness added by the hibiscus and rosehips. This brewed up to a lovely pink color that reminds of raspberries. The flavor profile is actually fairly enjoyable. It is what I would call sour raspberry with lemon. It also has a bit of that green mate taste, but it is not as intense as many green mate blends I have tried before. This is tart, but not to extent that the tartness becomes aggressive. I actually found it tolerable in this case. However, if you really, really hate hibiscus, I would still avoid this. If you are like me and occasionally find some tolerable blends, then give this one a try. Since I often ice many fruit tisanes as I find they just work better iced, I decided to try this that way as well. I did find that I enjoyed this as an iced preparation as well.

While I can't call this my favorite mate blend, it is still a solid offering. I would call this my favorite mate blend to drink iced. It is a bit tart, but not too tart. I like the raspberry/lemon combination and feel as though it paired well with the mate. Further, I found that mate just gave me energy and made me feel great. I love mate for that reason. If you have never tried mate, then I suggest picking some up and try it out soon.

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2 Responses to “Review: Teavana Raspberry Riot Lemon Mate”

  1. Monica Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a supplier or wholesaler of a tea exactly or similar to raspberry riot from teavana. Ingredients are: apple bits,hibiscus,rosehip peels,raspberries,green mate,apple slices,lemongrass,pink rosebuds. Thanks! Please contact me at

  2. Geoff Says:

    @Monica – The cheapest way would be to find the nearest herbal store and just buy your own ingredients. Some herbal blends – unless they use flavoring agents – are easy to duplicate. And freeze-dried fruits do impart “some” flavor.

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