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Thumbs up!"Smooth and sweet as you'd expect in a white tea with an engagingly toasty, somewhat charcoal-esque nip to the finish. "
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lahloosnowjewelLahloo's Snow Jewel is a lovely pale olive green in color with soft downy buds ranging in size from slender and long to fuzzy and fat. All the leaves range from 3/4" to 1" in length and very few show any breakage, in fact, the only breakage I saw at all was due to transit, making this a leaf I was eager to taste.

I used 180 degree water and about 2.5 rounded tablespoons to a 24 ounce infuser pot. I seeped two and a half minutes for the first infusion. The liquor from this first infusion was amazingly light - as pale as white honey with a smooth and easy sweetness and a mildly toasty taste that was almost reminiscent of a piquant char. This toasty quality added a lot of interest to the sipping for me, making this more than just a mild and pleasant white tea. There is a slight astringency to the rear of each sip that makes for a clean, dry finish. Very approachable and easy to enjoy, the smoothness as well will please many a drinker.

I used a slightly cooler water (about 175) for the second infusion and steeped 3 minutes. This treatment also yielded an extra pale, beautiful liquor - again very smooth and this steeping a little less overtly sweet with more of that engagingly toasty, somewhat charcoal-esque nip to the rear of the sip.

Overall, this was a nice white tea offering that I really enjoyed. Interesting, smooth and enjoyable, I think it would appeal to a wide audience.

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