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Not Great"When I first tried it, I'll wussily admit it was too spicy for me. Cardamom is not one of my favorite ingredients."
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himalayan-apple-spiceMy knowledge of anything Himalayan - save for abominable snowmen and Sherpas - is quite limited. Aside from one offering of black tea from a company in Canada, I haven't tried anything else remotely Himalayan. Movies, that's about as close to Northern India as I've come; sometimes with singing. So, when a tea boasts about being like the Himalayas, I get a little scared. I'm not sure I want a tea like an abominable snowman. Especially in winter. That's when they thrive and smell your fear.

Yogi Tea is a safe bet on one thing. They can summarize the blend you're getting for your buck with a name. With something dubbed "Berry Detox", you're bound to feel berry-filled...and detoxed. Same goes for their Meditative Time, it tastes quite sleepy. My guess is their Himalayan Apple Spice is aiming for something reminiscent of a masala chai, but with their own take on it.

This batch smells heavy on the spices. The ingredients are a mile long, a signature Yogi Tea feat. Only component that raised eyebrows was the inclusion of rooibos. Due emphasis is placed on a cardamom kick. Although I detected no hint of the Assam black tea that's used for the base. Apple raises its hand in the scuffle somewhere in the middle.

Being a black tea, somewhat chai-ish, and a bag, I was relaxed in my brewing. 12 ounces of boiling water, steeped for five minutes. The liquor colored quickly - dust-like, almost mahogany. It smelled like apple cider with touches of India in the mix. Pepper is definitely the first fist-punch to the tongue, followed by fruit, followed by something that hints at a bit of black tea. I think I found it.

When I first tried it, I'll wussily admit it was too spicy for me. Cardamom is not one of my favorite ingredients. Ginger I can deal with some of the time. Cinnamon? Only on toast or rolls. If I had paid closer attention to the ingredients, I would've cut it with something milk-like; preferably vanilla. This packs too much of a wallop in its naked form. Like an ultimate fighter...raised by abominable snowmen.

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