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Thumbs up!"A pretty nice herbal infusion for those that like citrus flavors. "
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redleafmidnightblueThis is an interesting tea in that according to the Red Leaf website, it was created entirely for a desired appearance rather than taste. The Red Leaf website states that they were trying to go for the bluest look possible, and thus ended up combining blue Lavender, Corn flowers and Blue Mallow Blossoms. Rose petals, Lemon Grass and "a hint of lemon & mango" are also ingredients. Appearance-wise, I am not sure that the tea achieves the bluest look possible, as even though there are blue flower petals present, the lemongrass is certainly the most obvious ingredient. The brewed tea is a very pale yellowish-straw color, clearly nothing remotely close to blue, although I would venture to guess that the dry blend and not the brewed liquid was supposed to be blue. Still, regardless of whether or not the tea has a blue appearance, I am more interested in the flavor, and as it turns out, this tea does deliver on the flavor. The flavor is primarily lemon due to the lemongrass and the "hint of lemon" alluded to in the ingredients list. I have no idea if this "hint of lemon" is natural or artifical, but whatever it is, it is crisp and refreshing. I found the strong citrus notes made this tea better suited as an iced tea, but even so, the tea was mighty decent as a hot beverage too. There was a muted pepperiness or spiciness just at the beginning of the sip, yet I have no idea which ingredient is the source of that. I did notice this musty/sour smell which at first I found rather off-putting, but the more I drank the less I noticed it, and it never came across too strong in the flavor. This tea was naturally sweet from what I can guess is the "hint of mango", so there was no need to add any sugar or other sweetener. The bottom line here is that this is a pretty nice herbal infusion for those that like citrus flavors. My initial reaction to this tea was that I wanted to dislike it because of that unusual musty scent, but the truth is that I just kept coming back to the tea, and before I knew it, my cup was empty. I would recommend this on the basis of flavor, not necessarily on its so-called blue appearance.

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