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Thumbs down."The tea didn't taste bad, it just didn't taste at all. I have had many a delicious cup of Dragon Well, but unfortunately, this offering is not among them. "
Vanessa’s Teaview: 2/10
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andaodragonwellIf I had to choose a green tea that was the only green tea I could have, I would choose Dragon Well. There is something about this tea that just hits the spot, and so I am always open to trying different offerings of this tea. Most recently, I sampled Andao's Organic Supreme Dragon Well, which also happens to be my first exposure to Andao Teas. Andao Teas specializes in Chinese teas. On their website, this tea is described as "This Long Jing is smooth, calming and requires little effort to enjoy its inspiring complexities." Sounded good to me, so I went ahead and brewed part of my sample. Ultimately, I cannot describe how disappointed I was with this tea. The tea didn't taste bad, it just didn't taste at all. No nutty notes, no floral notes, no grainy notes, no nothing! This was about as bland as tea can get. I like to be open-minded about teas, and so I figured my perception of this tea was due to poor brewing technique, a funky mood I was in, or perhaps a combination of both. I confirmed that I was properly infusing this tea (and indeed, this Dragon Well uses brewing parameters similar to any other Dragon Well), and tried a fresh brew the following morning. I even whipped out the thermometer and timer to make sure I was using the correct water temperature and infusion time. Still, this tea was lacking flavor and was maybe only one subtle nutty note more flavorful than warm water. I really don't enjoy being harsh and bashing any tea product, but I tried twice with this tea and failed to actually detect any flavor on both occasions. The Andao website advises multiple infusions with these leaves;t honestly I didn't try, as subsequent infusions are typically a little weaker than the first, and since my first infusion was so blah, I couldn't imagine later infusions being worthwhile. I have had many a delicious cup of Dragon Well, but unfortunately, this offering is not among them. I would not recommend this tea to anyone who really appreciates the nuances of a good Dragon Well tea. Perhaps this would be good for those that want to reap the benefits of green tea but don't actually want to taste green tea.

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