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Thumbs up!"With a light to medium body, the delicious full flavour presents a wonderful balance between the bright spearmint and the herbaceous character of the gunpowder tea."
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weareteamoroccanmintIn search of teas to herald the festive spirit of the winter holiday, mint tea naturally comes to mind. Mint is perhaps one flavoured tea that celebrates both summer and winter equally well by bring a reverberating warmth from its soothing cool.
We Are Tea’s Moroccan Mint seemed the perfect cup to cheer the winter with some of the warmth of Morocco’s sunny skies. While ubiquitous to Morocco, mint tea is traditionally made with gunpowder green tea, like the We Are Tea blend, and spearmint. However, from the tea’s description, We Are Tea doesn’t specify whether their tea contains spearmint, peppermint or both. I find peppermint seems more commonly used in teas which I suspect results from a combination of its slick coolness and the fact its pungency hides the freshness or lack there of, of the herb better than the more delicate spearmint. But with visions of candy canes dancing along with the sugar plums at the start of the winter season, I am craving the merry warmth of spearmint to melt the frosty skies.
The tea leaves look as though one might expect with the mixture of knotted and twisted dark green leaves interspersed with whole mint leaves. The scent of the dry leaves is unmistakably mint which I find smells similar, although more vibrant, to the dried mint in my spice rack. Yet it also suggests the blend comprises mainly spearmint indeed, in tribute to Moroccan brews.
In order to bring these leaves to life, I try brewing 1 teaspoon of the tea in a cup of 180 °F water for 3 minutes without any suggestions available on the We Are website ( The slightly hazy, light greenish yellow hue of the brew seems evocative of a true synergy between the mint and the tea. The lively appearance is immediately apparent in the first sip. A bit of sweetness invites the sunny spearmint from a round, herbaceous landscape of flavour. With a light to medium body, the delicious full flavour presents a wonderful balance between the bright spearmint and the comforting vegetal character of the gunpowder tea. One fades into the next with the smooth green flavours enhancing the fresh mint rather than leaving the mint flavour to stand alone or unsupported. Nicer still, I find the long finish traces cooked green bean and spearmint on the palate without a stroke of bitterness while a touch of dryness offers a fitting counterpoint to the luxury in the depth of the brew.
A second brew of the leaves is equally delightful. Although lighter bodied, the notes from the green tea start to recede from the sweet mint flavour in each sip yet re-emerges at the end leaving a slightly drier more vegetal aftertaste. The mint carries to a third steeping of the leaves which is easily drinkable, however after tasting the harmony of the tea and mint from the earlier infusions, I’d rather drink a fresh cup. With some chilling, the cold tea is still a substantially refreshing cup that would make a splendid on the go companion, sweetened or not.
It’s a good thing I found this tea early in the winter season, so I can hold on to the vibrancy of summer after Jack Frost has gotten in a nip or two. But in a way it makes me pine for the summer heat even more, just to have this tea iced and contemplate whether life in Morocco could ever be bad.

— To purchase Moroccan Mint, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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