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Thumbs up!"Sweet without need for sweetener, somehow grainy in a toasted sort of way, reminiscent of the sea and with a fresh clean finish, this tea tops my list for more interesting teas I've tried in a while."
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Every now and then I receive a review sample and cannot find the tea listed for sale on the vendor website. I never know if this is due to my own user error (quite conceivable), the vendor selling out of the tea, or the tea being prepared for marketing but not yet released. In any case, White Mulberry is a tea of this sort. I couldn't locate it on the Lahloo website. I really enjoyed the tea, so I am hoping that the reason for its absence at the website is more a website bungle by myself or that the tea hasn't been released yet.

My first impressions of the tea was that it could possibly be an oolong tea, or perhaps a Chinese green or white. I ended up believing that the tea was a Chinese green/white. The dry leaf is lightly curled, dark in coloration and interspersed regularly with twiggy bits nearly an inch in length. Toasty and almost grainy in scent overall, there was also a lightly fruity scent in the "after-sniff."

I heated my water to about 190, trying to strike a decent medium in water temperature, being unsure if the tea was an oolong or a green or a white. Using a very heaped tablespoon to 24 ounces of water, I steeped just under three minutes.

Wow! As soon as the water touched these leaves, they released a rush of aroma. Bright and wonderfully toasty with an astringent kick at the finish. The leaves swell up instantly and take on the distinctly kelpy coloring of the kelp beds right off the coast here in the Georgia Strait. Gorgeous! Along with the wonderful color and aroma of toastiness is a slight smell of the sea that leads me to assume that the tea must be a green. This little handful of leaves has won my regard for their impressive powers of changeability. And the scents and colors are winning as well.

Poured, the interest builds again. What a curious coloring! More like an olive oil than any tea I've poured of late. The color is strongly golden but with a deep green extra virgin tinge. The fruity scenting I could note just slightly in the nose picks up once poured blended with toastiness and a sea vegetable sort of smell. Wonderful ocean elements are part and parcel of this blend. Wow, taste wise this is really delicious, bearing in taste all the things I've noted as part of the scenting.

Sweet without need for sweetener, somehow grainy in a toasted sort of way, reminiscent of the sea and with a fresh clean finish, this tea tops my list for more interesting teas I've tried in a while. Delightful.

If mulberry factors into the flavoring of this tea, I'd really not be able to identify it. Every now and then there is a fruity sort of nuance I'm tasting, but this could be fanciful. Overall, I'm tasting the sea and would not describe this tea as "berry like" in any sense of the word. The flavoring is engaging and quite delicious.

I find that the unique fragrance and taste of this tea really perk up my senses and keep me enjoying every sip. The coloring is amazing and delightful. There's even a slight creaminess to the body that develops a bit as the tea cools. I'd love to have some more of this! If the tea is already sold out of Lahloo's stocks, I'm unsurprised, but I hope that they can source out some more.

Very interesting and engaging on many levels!! Fresh, tasty and appealing!

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2 Responses to “Review: Lahloo White Mulberry”

  1. Kate Gover Says:

    Hi Jamie,
    This is one of my favourite herbal teas! I just love it’s unique taste and aroma, and it’s so healthy.It has been really popular. Anyway, I’m pleased to say, we have received more this week so head to our online shop to purchase it (you’ll find it listed as Green Mulberry). If you’re looking for unique tastes and flavours you should also try our Japanese Sobacha (roasted buckwheat tea). Glad you enjoyed the Mulberry tea, jamie.

  2. jamie Says:

    This was an herbal tea!! Wow! I was completely off! No wonder I couldn’t find it at the website and I will certainly look for it (and the Sobacha). The Mulberry was delightful! Thanks!

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