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Thumbs up!"American Tea Room's Genmaimatcha is a touch too nutty but still quite an enjoyable tea."
Scott’s Teaview: 8.3/10
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americangenmaimatchaI really enjoy Genmaicha a lot and the chance to try a Genmaimatcha (a normal genmaicha with added matcha) is always a treat. American Tea Room, in my eyes, puts out consistently solid offerings across the board and this genmaimatcha is no exception. A wonderfully heady brew that is different than most green teas, I enjoyed reviewing this. As per instructions on the package, I steeped this twice (first for 1 min, the second for 1.5 min) at 175F.

Steep 1: Color is neon green. If you ever had Hi-C Ecto Cooler as a child, that's precisely the color of this tea. The aroma is nutty with a tiny bit of grass, but it's almost completely overwhelmed by the roasted smell. The taste is like the smell. Very roasted and nutty thanks to the rice, it actually overwhelms the base green tea, despite the addition of the matcha. The first brew is rather astringent as well. Very pleasant.

Steep 2: The color scales back to a more pale green. I did a second even though the matcha content was almost gone because I wanted to taste the underlying tea. It still smelled of roasted rice but the green tea in the background finally could come through. It was like the smell of fresh cut grass. The taste still held the potent roasted rice quality but the grassy green tea notes were readily apparent.

Overall, quite a nice tea. I was a little disappointed that it was blended a touch heavy on the rice but they weren't trying to cover up for poor base tea, I can tell you that. The matcha and (probably) sencha used to blend were as high a quality as the other they put out. A recommendable Genmaimatcha, to be sure.

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