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Thumbs up!"Nicely round, a subtle but delectable chocolate like earthy character that sings of forbidden luxuries plays underneath the soothing joys of the vanilla, cinnamon and mint to enchant each point of the palate in its structure. "
Raven’s Teaview: 9.2/10
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rishivanillamintpuerhOooh la la. There’s something about the name Vanilla Mint Pu-erh from Rishi that has a similar carefree whimsy to say, like oooh la la. It just rolls of the tongue. Perhaps it is the cool combination of classic favorites in vanilla and mint. Showcasing these flavours in Pu-erh adds an element of the unknown to keep it interesting since Pu-erh tends to be a less ubiquitous personality in the tea world.

From there, moving into the tea leaves add some intrigue and good faith. From the dark brown cut leaves of the cooked or shu Pu erh, there are pieces of cinnamon bark, dark brown nuggets of vanilla beans, green mint leaves and some pale straw or reed type licorice root bits. I would almost be happy to search through the tea leaves all day with a similar delight as saying the name since the aromas are heavenly. The layers of candied vanilla, fresh peppermint and cinnamon sweetly entice with a brightness perhaps true to the tea’s organic origins. Yet so sweet was the scent, the tea reminded me of Vanilla Mint Trident as it had a comparable candied quality to the vanilla extract or bourbon vanilla bean notes.

To continue the amusement, you need a full tablespoon to relish in the true fun of this tea. As I brewed the leaves with 212°C water for 5 minutes as Rishi suggests, it truly comes to life with the same delicious aromas topped with a lovely vanilla floral like gardenia or baby’s breath along with a perceptible richness from the Pu erh. But what is even more remarkable is the colour. So deep and so saturated, the tea brews up a dark sherry-like burgundy redolent of sweet richness. If red velvet chocolate cake were in a glass, I dare say this is what it would look like. It is hard to believe such depth could come from a tea.

Dipping into the seductive depths of the brew, brings immediate comfort. The vanilla, cinnamon and mint each take a turn on the tongue from the full bodied and inexplicably smooth brew. Nicely round, a subtle but delectable chocolate like earthy character that sings of forbidden luxuries plays underneath the soothing joys of the vanilla, cinnamon and mint to enchant each point of the palate in its structure. There’s no dryness, no bitterness and the cinnamon and mint hum into a medium finish that leaves pure contentment.

But of course, one could never be truly content with just one cup. That one tablespoon continues to soothe through 4-5 steepings depending on one's tastes. Even the fifth steeping of the leaves has a light vanilla aroma with a minty perkiness in the cup yet I think I would stop before this considering the addictive intensity of earlier brews. Upon re-brewing, the colour gradually loses its red tones, yet still with substance as the Pu-erh rises adding weightiness with very neutral flavours. Some further nutty or toasty or bolder character from the Pu-erh may have driven home the decadence the tea's flavours allude to. While the interplay of cinnamon, mint and cake-like vanilla notes is lush and full, the background or middle tastes of the tea are quite mild. Plus, I also found it especially worthwhile to give the tea leaves a shake before divvying out a serving to ensure all the scrumptious components are equally represented. And with each sweet cup, so easily enjoyed without any milk or sugar, I can imagine this tea would be a beautiful pairing to fresh fruit desserts for the contrast or more intuitively, could stand up nicely to simple chocolate deserts like mousse.
Perhaps from its colour,richness and playfulness, this tea seems fit for evenings but especially suited for nights of sordid pampering or indulgence. Regardless of when one has it, it will definitely have you saying, ooh la la!

— To purchase Rishi Tea Vanilla Mint Organic Pu-erh, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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