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Thumbs up!"Classic. Smooth. Sophisticated. Beautiful. A wonderful Bai Mu Dan for pretty much any occasion, any time of day."
Dan’s Teaview: 8.6/10
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twoleaveswhitepeonyAh, convenience. Why does quality never seem to equate with convenience? Why can we not get gourmet food (or at least palatable food) at the quickie mart? Why does fast food have to be riddled with terribly-unhealthy options? Why does bagged tea contain such crappy tea dust? Well, I'm happy to report that the tea contained within these Organic White Peony tea bags is actually very good quality stuff. The downsides are (a) you confine your tea to a cramped tea bag; and (b) the tea leaves are super-tiny broken shards, as opposed to gorgeous, full leaves. Does this affect quality of taste? Not in the slightest. At least not once it is freed from its mesh jail cell. To wit, this tea is also available in loose leaf format from Two Leaves and A Bud, undoubtedly with somewhat larger leaves. Please do note, though, that despite my bagging (ha!) on the leaf size, the size (and quality - did I mention quality?) of the leaves here are far superior to 99.999% of bagged tea on the market. Remember: convenience.

The dried leaf is very nice in appearance, despite its size issues. Beautiful autumnal tones of forest and grassy greens, with a sprinkling of rosy red and purple bits as well. The purveyor indicates that this tea contains no Peony flowers, "just luscious white tea" -- however, the colorful petals are from roses.

Naturally, I had to free this bird from its cage and dumped the satchel's contents into my ingenuiTEA so it could swim freely. I brewed up a cup with sub-boiling water for 4 minutes, never straying from this time frame in the varied cups that I've whipped up. The color is rich, a black-tea-like amber-gold, bright and clear. straight through, from first sip to last, this tea really sparkles. Incredibly smooth and quite sophisticated-tasting, this tea rolls over the palette to wake up all sections of your taste buds. Long into the finish, a floral but delicate (not bitter) lingering seems to almost seal the tongue, so as to leave you with a lasting impression of its wonderful flavor. The rose petals are barely detectable on initial sips at high temperatures, but as the cup cools they become more pronounced, providing a very different cup. I love Bai Mu Dan teas, as it just rings of a classic, "fresh" tea taste, and words are hard to come by to describe the exact flavor. If you are familiar with White Peony teas, and you are a fan, then you will love this tea.

A second infusion is also tasty, but yet quite different. More astringent than the first cup, but still bursting with flavor. Initially a bit sweet, but then revealing a sharper taste in the finish. I definitely recommend trying a second infusion for the contrast.

Classic. Smooth. Sophisticated. Beautiful. A wonderful Bai Mu Dan for pretty much any occasion, any time of day.

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