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Thumbs up!"The lively and improbable golden green fluorescence is immediately appealing, even more so when a deep inhalation of the tea impresses you with homey scents of toasty rice."
Jamie’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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americangenmaimatchaAmerican Tea Room's Genmaimatcha is a nice twist on a toasty green tea classic that is loved by many. Genmaicha is often referred to as popcorn tea or rice tea as it contains many pieces of toasted/popped rice and the rice gives off a nice grainy/toasty sort of scent that is quite encouraging, (particularly on a rainy day!).

This tea has lots of popped rice and green tea leaves and the whole is a pleasant, kermit the frog green in color, dusted completely with bright matcha. I used two teaspoons of this tea to a 12 ounce infuser pot and steeped for one minute using 170 degree water, as per American Tea Room's suggestions.

Competing for my affections were the scent and appearance of this tea. The lively and improbable golden green fluorescence is immediately appealing, even more so when a deep inhalation of the tea impresses you with its mild, sweet smoothness and homey scents of grain and toasty rice. There is a somewhat sturdy backbone to the tea, as well, with bitter elements adding to the enjoyment. Following steeping directions will give you a pleasant little cup or pot of tea with no fuss or difficulty. The brew provides a wonderful afternoon pick me up and is very pleasant to wake up to as well.

I brewed for a second steeping of this tea using the same brewing guidelines and found the color paler and with less body and most of the flavor coming from the puffed rice. It was enjoyable and smooth, though the first infusion really is the tastiest one.

A very enjoyable, approachable tea, simple to prepare and enjoy. The toastiness and pleasant overall quality would make it excellent to serve to guests, as well, and it would pair well with many simple meals, especially in the summertime. A nice addition to consider when making a tea order from American Tea Room.

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  1. David Says:

    Thanks Jamie. With most Japanese Green tea if you want a second infusion you should double the infusion time. This will make the 2nd cup more robust like the first…for a third infusion triple the steep time. Glad you liked this tea…it is one of my personal favorites.

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