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Thumbs up!"I would warn those that do not strongly LOVE mint to avoid this one though because the mint is very intense. Don't expect this to be oolong with hints of mint because it is actually vice versa."
Laura’s Teaview: 7.6/10
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naiveteamntoolong"Invigorate your body and spirit with revitalizing quality of mint. We infused high altitude Alishan oolong with natural mint according to production process of traditional infused tea. This tea is a balance of awakening and quieting characters. Intense mint aroma with hints of oolong. Light and smooth body with a refreshing mix of exhilarating mint and subtle oolong flavors. Elegant finish with a natural sweet after taste." ---Naivetea website.

I have been putting off reviewing this tea for sometime now and I guess it is because the combination of mint and oolong seems a bit odd to me. However, I like pretty much anything mint flavored so I don't know why this one keeps getting passed over as most of the offerings from Naivetea have been tasty. Further, a friend of mine who has her own blog tried this and loved it. Today I decided to select this one in part because I had a chewable vitamin this morning that left a nasty taste in my mouth so I decided to check out what I had available in the mint department. This one was basically begging me to review it.

Naivetea uses a green oolong for their fragrance-infused blends. The little oolong fists are scented rather intensely of mint in the kind of way that could help clear your sinuses. I prepared this using water cut just short of boiling and infused for about 20-30 seconds. The flavor profile is indeed intense and the mint largely overpowers the oolong. This appears to have the same oolong in it as used in Naivetea's other fragrance-infused blends (Alishan) and it is a little bit of a shame that you can't taste more of the oolong because it is a fairly good one. While I was concerned that the pairing of mint and oolong might be weird, all I can really taste is the mint. The primary contribution from the oolong is a mildly creamy mouthfeel. The combination of the intense mint and the creamy mouthfeel of the oolong is not unlike the center of a peppermint patty!

When preparing my second infusion, I also used water cut just short of boiling, but allowed the leaves to infuse for about 45 seconds. The mint flavor remained very intense and continued to totally dominate the oolong. However, the creamy mouthfeel that I experienced with the first infusion is largely AWOL. For that reason, I would call the first infusion my favorite. I suspect that this one will easily give up 4-5 infusions.

Overall, I found this to be a unique and tasty offering from Naivetea. I would warn those that do not strongly LOVE mint to avoid this one though because the mint is very intense. Don't expect this to be oolong with hints of mint because it is actually vice versa. The mint flavor is extremely well done and tastes of very fresh mint despite the fact that there are no real pieces of fresh mint mingled amongst the little oolong fists. I found that this blend did an excellent job of cleansing my palate. This one is definitely worth consideration if you are looking for a mint blend that will keep going and going.

— To purchase Naivetea Mint Oolong, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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