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Thumbs up!"The currant flavor was equal parts tart and sweet, providing just enough fruit flavor to liven up the cup. "
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kteasblackcurrantTo me, black currant has always been one of those unpopular fruits that has been relegated to the world of jams and jellies. I've never eaten a fresh black currant, and probably wouldn't be able to pick one out in a lineup of small dark berries. Regardless of my ignorance of black currants, I decided to request a sample of K Teas' Black Tea with Black Currant. This tea serves as my first experience with a black currant tea, as well as my first exposure to K Teas. K Teas describes this tea as being "a blend of Black Tea from India, red currant leaves and natural flavors". So I've now also learned that there are red currants as well as black currants, and what confused me is why a "black currant" tea has a red currant ingredient and not a black currant ingredient. I wish that the "natural flavors" were a little more descriptive, but I won't hold it against K Teas or this particular tea, as the ingredients list for too many blends today contain this catch all term.
The dried blend consists of long and wiry leaves that appear to be of decent quality- they are not small broken particles and dust bits. The little green specks of the currant leaves spiced up the appearance. What I found most impressive was the large cluster of completely intact black currants that was settled in at the center of my sample. They looked like small blueberries. I was surprised why the ingredients list did not say that these were included, since normally one would want to highlight the use of large chunks of real fruit in a fruit-flavored blend! The tea brewed up fairly dark, as one would expect for a black tea. The aroma was fairly faint, but the flavor was much better than the aroma suggested. The currant flavor was equal parts tart and sweet, providing just enough fruit flavor to liven up the cup. A slight tartness remained in the aftertaste, but nothing so strong as to be unpleasant. The tea base used was heavy-bodied with a robust flavor that was not to be over-powered by the black currant. I detected a nice malty flavor with a caramel-like sweetness. The tea had enough natural sweetness that I didn't need to add any sugar, which I was expecting to have to do to counteract the tart flavor of the black currant. I see this as a great morning brew, but perhaps it might be a little too heavy for an afternoon or evening tea. I preferred this one as a hot tea because I think the black tea was a little to heavy to be refreshing in iced form. While I don't have much of a basis for comparison to other black currant teas, I did enjoy this tea and would recommend it.

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