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Thumbs up!"This flirtatious brew beguiles with lusty rosy aromas and a supple brightness on the palate that entices each sip."
Raven’s Teaview: 8.5/10
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teasetcwhiteroseHow do I love tea? Let me count the ways. With Valentine’s day around the corner, I can’t help but muse over teas that might add some romance to one’s cup. Rose teas seem naturally suited to speak to the heart. While a rose may smell as sweet by any other name, the background it’s presented from will surely add a twist to that smell, as roses have been mixed with just about every type of tea. Yet, in this case, there may be more than one Mr. or Mrs. Rights. The organic White Rose tea from Teas etc combines organic white peony or Bai Mu Dan with pink rose and chrysanthemum that portrays a purity of heart in its conception that seems to celebrate the nascent days of romance like no other. Although I don't normally gravitate toward rose flavoured teas since they can often remind me too much of perfume, the simplicity and quality of the ingredients for this blend intrigued me.

One is easily smitten by the play of lush fuschia and blush rose petals and white chrysanthemum buds with the dark greyish green leaves and fuzzy buds of the Bai Mu Dan, punctuating the mix like lipstick smudges around crisp white collars in stolen moments of passion. Whispers of this rosy scented passion linger in the air with a nectar sweetness above earthier instincts. But this isn't the material for some tawdry love affair, this baby has substance. That isn't to say there isn't more foreplay. With the first kiss of water just below boiling the brew dawns a bluish hue that collapses into greenish tones finally resting at a straw coloured cup after 4 minutes of steeping. The transformation is mesmerizing. The scents rising from the cup are equally flirtatious with twists of rose, milkpods and nectar sweetness. From its depths, light flavours of cucumber and cooked honeydew are coy as I find myself wanting a bit more pronounced character. Yet the tea is supple and round with a brightness on the palate that entices each sip. Every caress of the light to medium bodied brew is sweet, finishing softly that leaves me longing for more of the gentle florals to linger in the aftertaste.

Just as a first love is not easily forgotten, the leaves continue to hold one's attention upon re-steeping. The second infusion offers nuances of the first as the rose flavours. A third steeping is subtle but still frivolous and faintly refreshing. However, there isn't much to behold in subsequent brews. But the lightly fragrant soft pink pastels of the exhausted leaves are consoling, appearing poetic in endearing memory like the blushed cheeks of young sweethearts after a first kiss.

While the romantic nature of Teas Etc. White Rose Organic, seems set for serenades, frivolous gallavanting with one's mate, it's floral comforting brightness could fill anyone's heart's content.

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