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Its OK"A flowery concoction that is quite sweet, with the overbearing flavour of cherry simple syrup. However the Sencha used is its saving grace as it punches through with a clean, vegetal edge."
Sophie’s Teaview: 6.1/10
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americanteakabukiSome teas seem to evoke sensations rooted in a particular season. This seems to particularly be the case for American Tea Room's Kabuki, an homage to spring if I ever encountered one. It's described as a flowery bouquet of sencha, cherry blossoms and violets.

A truly beautiful tea to behold, the nearly iridescent, forest green leaves of the Sencha mingle with large amounts of flower petals. The scent is equally interesting, presenting a sweet floral mixture dominated by the smell of cherry simple syrup, as mentioned on the website. I wish it reminded me more of real blossoms than candies but it's nonetheless intriguing, if not quite natural seeming.

Following the instructions given on the sample's package, I brewed 8 ounces of water to 175 degrees Fahrenheit and steeped the tea for 2 minutes. A perfectly clear, bright green cup ensued. The scent is now more discrete and grassy, reminding me this time of a springtime rain under the cherry trees. The tea is quite sweet but the Sencha does punch through with a clean, vegetal edge. It is smooth, with a nice touch of intrigue: grassy notes are followed by more buttery tasting, grainy ones. However the main actor in this blend is the cherry blossom flavour and does not work for me. It's not delicately floral, but rather hits your palate with an overbearing bubblegum flavour. It's a pity that such great Sencha is paired with such an artificial-tasting counterpart. The floral concoction being so potent, the blend stands up to at least 3 infusions before fading.

If this tea presented a little more astringency to balance out the sweetness of the cherry simple syrup, it might be more palatable and akin to the taste of real cherries. However as it stands now, I can't get over the fact that I'm drinking bubblegum-flavoured tea. No matter how much I liked the Sencha used and how beautiful it looks, I find it hard to recommend this tea.

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