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Thumbs up!"A wonderfully enjoyable "bolder" white, with hints of almond, hazelnut, chocolate, and apple."
Dan’s Teaview: 7.8/10
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kteaslogoSome things conjure up significantly-strong memories from my childhood, but often times I cannot pinpoint their origins. This tea does exactly that - the aroma is an immediate throwback to my childhood days -- but why?? Something from around the house must have had this aroma - likely something at Christmas time, perhaps a scented candle of some sort. Or maybe it was merely one of the myriad scratch-n-sniff stickers I had collected (which one? who knows!). But the aroma isn't what you would expect when I say "Christmas". It is like a mix of hot cocoa powder, a smidgen of citrus bite, and some sort of impossibly-distinct savory scent. I'm arriving at a loss to fine tune this one.

Nevertheless, the appearance of the blend is incredibly intriguing. I have no information to go on, as this tea doesn't appear to be available anymore from K Teas, nor anywhere else. The components here are white tea (various shapes, sizes and hues of leaves, indicating a mix of Yinzhen and Bai Mu Dan, possibly an Oothu tea. There are also plentiful chunks of dried apples, and a smattering of some sort of bright-red berry, like a holly berry. I don't know what it is, exactly, but I hope it's not actually a holly berry, as those are quite toxic -- rather I'm sure it's the intent to give a visual appeal and stimulation, the impression of the holidays by mere sight association (and one that worked well, given my first paragraph, above).

I brewed several cups with 180-190 degree water for 3 minutes, which yields a golden sun yellow cup. Many folks may balk at this relatively-high temperature, but for me it works well with this type of "bolder" white tea. A semi-earthy nose to the tea (not unlike most Bai Mu Dan) is more potent than the liquor itself. The taste is delightful, a lovely white tea flavor, and has a chocolate taste at the forefront as well as on the finish. Some nuttiness to it as well - almond and hazelnut. This tea is good for a minimum of two infusions, as a second cup is just as enjoyable as the first.

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  1. Kathryn at KTeas Says:

    Dan, We are totally captivated by your relation of the childhood-memory-inducing quality of the aroma of this tea. That’s part of what we love about tea: the myriad impressions both that tea makes & that are tickled out of dormancy by its tendrils of taste and scent! . . . We are also so sorry we didn’t have the product listing up before you wrote your review. We had just received our first supply of the tea when sending a package to Teaviews. The Winter Holiday White tea is still available at this time and presently appears on the site. Thank you.

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