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Its OK"A good, solid, middle-of-the-road rooibos tea. It's flavored with vanilla, but don't come for that alone - just enjoy this blend for its pure rooibos flavor, which it provides quite nicely."
Dan’s Teaview: 6.5/10
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redleafroobiosbourbon.jpgYour initial impressions - like mine - may be that of "mmmmm.... hot rooibos with a nip of bourbon -- not a bad idea!" But in actuality, this tea culls its moniker from the Bourbon Islands, a source of premium vanilla beans, as opposed to the Kentucky whisky source.

As such, you probably have deduced by now that this is simply bourbon infused with vanilla. Actual chunks of vanilla bean are reportedly present in the blend as well, although it is near-impossible to distinguish them, as the blend seems to contain 100% pure rooibos. The aroma of the blend is not unlike most other rooibos teas, and no real strength of vanilla seems evident on the nose.

A steep of 5 minutes with freshly boiled water, as with virtually any rooibos, is applicable here. Again, there is no real noticeable vanilla aroma or flavor. The natural sweetness and flavor of the rooibos is what shines here, and it is fully enjoyable. As the cup cools, a sweeter vanilla presence does poke its way through. However, nothing really sets this one apart from the pack, or makes a bold statement. Despite its enjoyable flavor, the lack of unique properties here really don't leave much to say. Is it worthwhile stocking this one in the cupboard if you are a rooibos fan? Of course. Is it affordably priced? Yup. Does it taste good? You betcha. Will it make you shout from mountaintops? Not really. But that doesn't always matter, and this is a tasty cup regardless.

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  1. TeaHawk Says:

    Well, that’s a letdown. They’re putting bourbon in everything these days– from a bourbon-barrel ale (which is fantastic, but a little like mixing beer & liquor) to soy sauce! I guess I’ll just have to keep making bourbon tea the old-fashioned way…

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