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Thumbs up!" Simple, clean, refreshing and just plain good."
Jamie’s Teaview: 8/10
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suffuseteagreenrooibosIf you've not ever seen a green rooibos before (I have only seen it as a component in blends), you will be pleased to know that it is aptly named. It looks just like red rooibos with the major distinction being color - it's brightish olive green. The major difference between green and red rooibos is the processing. From Suffuse Teas: "Red rooibos uses the traditionally fermented sun dried method of curing whereas green rooibos is unfermented, retaining more natural antioxidants."

The dry rooibos is sweet in scent and very very faintly vegetal or "green" in scent with what seemed to me nearly nutty sweet components to the scenting. I steeped two tablespoons of rooibos in a 24 ounce infuser pot for 5 minutes using freshly boiled water. A fantastic scent is released as soon as the water hits - bright and super sweet with an almost citrusy scent that reminds me of sunshine. The brew smells almost juicy!

In color, the green rooibos pours out to a nice, honey colored cup. The taste in the mouth is very smooth and clean, with less robustness than a red rooibos, but the brew is definitely rooibos in taste. There's a certain engaging "dryness" to the taste of this rooibos. I'm quite fond of rooibos in the evening, but have in the past enjoyed red rooibos rather than green. The green is definitely a little different, but there are some wonderful similarities between the two treatments. A lover of red rooibos should fall easily into enjoying the green version. It's got a clean finish and the flavor throughout the cup is sweet and mild, pleasant with no need for any sweetener at all. This rooibos, like all rooibos, I suppose, could happily accept the sweetener of your choice, however, and even seems that it would take the addition of any milk or cream well, too, if that's something you enjoy.

I really thought Suffuse took some time to source a good tasting green rooibos. I haven't much in the way of experience with green rooibos, as I've mentioned, but this had a very fresh taste to it, as though it had been handled well from start to finish. I was impressed in some samples of their bagged tea that I tried as well, mainly in that the taste of the rooibos and honeybush teas in bagged form came across with the same freshness to it that this loose green rooibos has. It tastes GOOD, not only in and of itself, but quality wise.

This would make an ideal evening cuppa or for any time of day that you enjoy a fresh, sweet, good tasting cup of something without caffeine. Simple, clean, refreshing and just plain good. For your information, as well, free samples of a variety of their tea bag offerings are available just for answering a few questions in a survey at the Suffuse Tea website. You might like to check out this offer.

— To purchase Suffuse Tea Green Rooibos, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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