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Thumbs up!"It brewed to a light tangerine orange. The scent was incredibly pleasant, like a rose-hinted aromatherapy candle; only not as "affirmation"-y."
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twoleaveswhitepeonyBai Mu Dan - or White Peony - is the Jan Brady of the white tea family. She will always come in second to Bai Hao Yinzhen (Silver Needle). No matter how hard she tries, or how much flavor she imparts, she's always trailing behind lithely-folded buds of her more delicate sistren.

However, Peony has one thing going for it over Silver Needle; her ability to blend with others is exceptional. Needle suffers from being so light and subtle a beverage that it can only blend with other likewise light-bodied botanicals. White Peony has a deeper flavor and presentation, allowing it to act as a perfect base for somewhat heavier additives.

Two Leaves and a Bud obviously kept this in mind when blending their White Peony sachets. The only botanicals they added were pink rose petals. I've had white/rose blends before, and I cannot sing their praises enough. I was hopeful for this offering as well.

Being a sachet (and being at work), I was a bit more relaxed in my brewing; mug, hot water spigot, lid, covered for about four minutes. White Peony also holds an advantage of taking higher temperatures for a better brew without going vegetal. Not as well as a Darjeeling white but close.

I had a little trouble trying to dip the damn sachet, though. It kept wanting to bob to the top. After poking it a few times with a straw, it finally admitted defeat. It brewed to a light tangerine orange. The scent was incredibly pleasant, like a rose-hinted aromatherapy candle; only not as "affirmation"-y. I will confess the Bai Mu Dan seemed like it spinached a little during infusion, but that could've been during the high-temp water. The rose flavor balanced it out. This was an excellent white tea. And it kinda reminded me...

I thought Jan Brady was cuter anyway. It was probably the braces. Shiny.

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