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Its OK"The overwhelmingly dominant flavor element I noticed was a toasty-roasty flavor. This tea needs sugar to keep that toasty/burnt flavor in check."
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kteaslogoOn those occasions where I am looking to limit my tea-related caffeine intake, I very rarely opt for decaffeinated black tea, but instead go for rooibos or other herbal concoctions. This morning I was purposely trying to avoid caffeine, and my sample of London Commute Decaf caught my eye, so I decided to give it a whirl. KTeas states that this tea is a Ceylon tea that is decaffeinated using a natural CO2 process. The dried leaves look very much like the standard black tea, consisting of very dark and curled leaves. The dried blend smells very much like raisins. KTeas advises to infuse the leaves for 4 minutes, however I have noticed that some decaffeinated teas tend to go really bitter for long infusions, so I kept my steeping to less than two minutes. The tea was a rich reddish color. My first impression after tasting this tea was that despite it being decaffeinated, this tea has some serious kick. The flavor is robust, to say the least. While the raisin element that I detected in the aroma was also present in the flavor, the overwhelmingly dominant flavor element I noticed was a toasty-roasty flavor, perhaps comparable to, though much more intense than, the roasty flavor of hojicha. This toasty flavor was a bit too strong for me, and at times I found it too similar to burnt coffee, which I found off-putting. This tea needs sugar to keep that toasty/burnt flavor in check. Once sweetened, other notes of malt and cocoa were just barely present.

For me, this tea wasn’t a big winner. Perhaps it was the decaffeination process that made the tea taste a little too funky on the burnt side, but whatever it was, I didn’t personally enjoy it. I will say, however, that many may find that this tea is as robust and stimulating as its non-decaffeinated counterparts.

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