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Thumbs up!"The berry flavor tends more towards the sweet than the tart and is not too intense so as to overwhelm or overpower the tea base."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 8.3/10
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kteaslogoWinter Holiday White Tea is a new addition to the KTeas lineup. This tea is classified on the KTeas website as both a white and a green tea, as it is stated that this contains young green leaves as well as white buds. In addition to the tea leaves, this tea contains berries and natural flavor. The exact type(s) of berries used is not described, although by visual inspection, the berries are very small and pinkish-red. Before I read much about this tea and before I sampled it, I thought that perhaps those little berries were red peppercorns. I also thought I saw little specks of citrus peel in my sample but I don't see any citrus on the ingredients list, and unfortunately my sample has now been fully consumed so I can't re-examine it. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this blend, but I did end up enjoying it. The berry flavor tends more towards the sweet than the tart. Because I found it hard to pinpoint what specific berry or berries were involved in this tea, I just focused on enjoying the general fruitiness. The tea itself is, not surprisingly, a light-bodied tea, and the berry flavor is not too intense so as to overwhelm or overpower the tea base. I detected the faintest bit of a spiciness at the end of each sip, and although I can't really determine what is causing it, I don't mind it and find the overall effect to be refreshing. This tea is aptly named, as it does seem suitable as a winter beverage and perhaps could even be served as a calorie-free alternative to traditional high-calorie winter drinks such as ciders and eggnog. Certainly, it's not as filling and thick as those alternatives, but this tea is delicious in its own right. I found this to be a nicely done flavored green/white tea, and this is one I would recommend.

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