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Thumbs up!"The liquor infused to a prime gold, very strong sourly citrus scent. Surprising because that usually that gets muted, but Darjeelings tend to be more nuanced."
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kteaslogoIt just so happens I was wondering why no one used Darjeeling as a base for an Earl Grey, but rather blends of darker, maltier teas like Assam, Ceylon (low-altitude) or Keemun. It was midnight, and I was trying to reach for a decaf Ceylon as I was pondering this. I wanted tea, but not a caffeinated one. However, I accidentally pulled out a baggy of this. Same company, wrong tea. That's serendipity for ya.

K Teas offering looked less dark than the usual Earl Grey blends, perhaps because of the use of First Flush Darjeeling, which tends to be lighter. I noted twigs in the batch, some green. I surmised this was what they meant by "Broken Orange Pekoe" as a grade, not positive, though. It was also really strong on the bergamot-scenting.

To brew, I brought water to a rolling boil, let it sit, poured it over two teaspoons, 16oz worth. Since it was a Darjeeling, I let it steep for only three-ish minutes as opposed to my usual five for blacks. The liquor infused to a prime gold with a very sourly citrus scent. Surprising because that usually that gets muted, but Darjeelings tend to be more nuanced. The taste was the same. This marked the first Earl Grey I'd ever tried that maintained the bergamot as a forefront after steeping. Prior to that, I only encountered that phenomenon with bergamot-scented white tea...but at a far lower dose.

Tea Tip: Don't use cream in this. Too light. Sweeten if you have to, or use vanilla, but don't milk it. If you absolutely must cut it with something, try honey or agave nector.

— To purchase KTeas Captain’s Blend Earl Grey, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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