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Thumbs up!"Richly sweet and with a wonderfully full flavor that is easy to savor to complete satisfaction, as you might a perfectly proportioned meal. There's a slightly dry aftertaste, a little bit of astringency hanging elegantly in balance leaving your mouth and tastes refreshed and unconfused, happily anticipating the next sip of tea. "
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kteasgoldenmonkeyThis is a super tea! How's that for a tea review opener? I was so delighted upon my very first sip of this tea, that even amongst Golden Monkeys, my favorite of Chinese black teas, this one stood out as tasting excellent. I've never not enjoyed a Golden Monkey, so for one to stand out like this seems a treat to write about.

The long golden brown and ochre leaves have what is almost like a gold dust over them...I'm reminded of that little Disney fairy - Tinkerbell, I think she is, who emits a fine golden dust from the end of her wand at important points in films and recordings of old. Perhaps she was around at the processing of this lovely K Teas offering. The leaves are long and slender, fuzzily golden like King Midas' (or Tinkerbell's) answer to a silver needle. Quite lovely to look at.

I used about a tablespoon to each 8 ounces of boiling water with this tea, not skimping a bit, and allowing four minutes for the steep. As soon as water hits the dry leaf, the wonderful aromas intensify. Complexly sweet with dark sugary qualities, this tea smells rich and of caramel burnt sugar with a little dryness and fruitiness coming into the mix as well.

The first infusion of this tea yields a fantastic tasting cup. In coloration it's deep dark brown with a halo first of copper orange and another bright as a golden ring about the inner edge of my tea cup. The taste is rich and strong and full of flavors in keeping with the scents - sweet and flavorful, very full in the mouth (and indeed in all the senses), a tiny bit smoky in the sense of cooked sugars...the flavors develop as the tea cools slightly from piping hot, becoming more richly sweet and having such a wonderfully full flavor that it's easy to savor this to complete satisfaction, almost as you might a snack or a small meal! While the fullness in the mouth has a full and unsurprising wetness to it, there's a slightly dry aftertaste, like a little bit of astringency hangs perfectly in balance to leave your mouth refreshed and unconfused, happily anticipating the next sip of tea.

Superb!! Very enjoyable. This tea alone is reason to place an order with K Teas in the near future. I certainly anticipate my own upcoming order!

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