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Its OK"The taste comes on strong and bold as you'd expect from color and smell, but the surprise to me was how very quickly the taste fades."
Jamie’s Teaview: 5.8/10
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kteaslogoThe very fine leaf of this tea is striking. It appears to be at least cut and torn (??), though the leaf still maintains the appearance of very short, fine leaf. Basically black in color, with just a few tippy leaves here and there, the tea is super short, curled and wiry.

I brewed a tablespoon of leaf in a 24 ounce pot using boiling water for three minutes. The tea brews up deep and darkly copper, showing black in the center with a beautiful red gold halo flashing at the edge of the mug. The tea looks STURDY and has a sweet and wonderfully malty scent. Without adding any sweetener, the tea has a surprisingly flat taste, overall. In the mouth, the taste comes on strong and bold as you'd expect from color and smell, but the surprise to me was how very quickly the taste fades and basically evaporates from your mouth. I note some sour and bitter notes that are somewhat unpleasant developing in the cup as it cools down slightly and this is one tea that I would say really requests a little sweetener of your choice - and milk too, if you like it.

I made another brewing of this tea and added a bit of liquid stevia to it and found this improved matters in terms of taste. This mug of tea is bold and big, and certainly "awakening." There's a good maltiness to it with overtones of barley sweetener and honey that are quite appealing. I did find myself wishing that the good strong flavors that opened each sip so promisingly could have stuck around a little longer. I thought the finish in taste came much too fast. Also, this tea really seems to need sweetener or milk. If that's not your "cup of tea" you might consider other Assam options.

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