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Thumbs up!"This is a very delicious and satisfactory blend that I wouldn't hesitate to keep on-hand regularly."
Dan’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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kteaslogoNot so long ago I sampled a tea that was touted as "green rooibos", which is unoxidized rooibos that involves more complicated production than the usual rooibos. It was the first tea I'd encountered that contained said green rooibos. K Teas claims this blend to also have a green rooibos base. However, the visual appearance is no different than a standard red rooibos, so I'm not so sure. Regardless of what the base is, it is blended with chocolate and mint flavors, as one may have guessed. The blend contains actual nibs of milk chocolate, which is a nice touch. I wished they had gone the next logical step and included some flecks of dried mint leaves in the blend as well. We all know the bulk of the flavors come from natural or artificial additive flavorings. But there's something about the sight of the real deal in there to give just enough of a willing suspension of disbelief that it's always a good option. The scent of the blend is heavy on cocoa notes, and the mint is present as well.

The liquor brews up nice and red, as with most rooibos. The aroma translates to the cup very nicely as well. Taste-wise, the mint and chocolate balance out more than the dried blend - maybe even more mint than chocolate in the cup. This is definitely a satisfying cup prior to bed (or for sipping while IN bed, under covers, with a good read in-hand), or for post-dinner sipping. K Teas recommends trying it iced in the summer, which I can see also being quite satisfying, particularly as the mint ultimately plays a strong role in the taste. The quality of the rooibos is very nice as well, and matches perfectly with these flavors.

I suppose it might be pretty hard to screw up a flavored rooibos - particularly with these two flavors. Despite sampling dozens of rooibos blends, I haven't encountered many that have failed. Although it doesn't smack me in the face with superlatives like "amazing": or "exquisite", this is a very delicious and satisfactory blend that I wouldn't hesitate to keep on-hand regularly.

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