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Thumbs up!"This tea is exactly what it says it will be, and it is fantastic."
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kteaslogoMornings have long been my greatest nemesis. I get sick if I don't eat breakfast, yet I can't stomach the thought of food until long after getting up. It's always been a precarious balance and a source of frustration. Tea sits with me fine at any time of day, so maybe, just maybe, a cup of breakfast tea could settle my stomach and help me hold our until breakfast. At the very least it could be delicious.

The dry leaves are unimposing - simple, mid-sized, and black with no adornments. Since this is my first experience with KTeas, their weak smell adds to my wariness. After three minutes, the weak smell of the prepared tea compounds my pessimism. I try to keep an open mind; however, because some no-frills teas have really impressed me in the past.

One sip, and I'm hooked. I sprint as quickly as I can to the office and tell my husband to try it. He burns his mouth and says it's delicious. The faint vague creaminess of the scent has become the rich, distinct taste of yogurt. Not cream or milk, but yogurt. I didn't expect such realism and the spot-on taste. The raspberry, while not the most realistic, does taste just like the flavour of a fruit yogurt.

This tea is exactly what it says it will be, and it is fantastic. The base black is smooth and easy to detect. It is well priced and well balanced. I have really enjoyed my first experience with KTeas, and I look forward to trying more of their teas.

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2 Responses to “Review: KTeas Raspberry Yogurt”

  1. Kathryn at KTeas Says:

    LOL – How delightful, Katie! Sorry about your husband burning his mouth, but glad he liked the tea! Do you have enough to try it iced? We’ve had some people feel it’s not suited to be an Iced Tea, and others have felt it is a superb Iced Tea! Would love to know what you think—and your husband burn his mouth when trying it!

  2. Katie Says:

    Just getting around to trying it iced now, and it is an interesting cup for sure! A touch astringent, but creamy and flavourful enough that it’s a pleasant flavour overall. I’d definitely ice it again. Very refreshing.

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