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Its OK"The liquor possessed a bitter foreground taste, a malty and floral middle (never thought I'd associate those two together), and a bit of a dry finish."
Geoff’s Teaview: 6.9/10
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kteaslogoThe description per the KTeas website reads:
"The Irish are the most prolific tea drinkers in the world, enjoying strong and robust teas daily. The tea is from the premier tea garden in Kenya. Boldly spicy and aromatic, it carries considerable heft. Excellent with milk."

The Irish Breakfast blend was the first black tea I can claim I enjoyed. My first time trying it was in Ireland proper; Cork, to be precise. I was at a bed & breakfast, bleary-eyed, still jetlagged and less-than-sunny in disposition. Irish Breakfast perked me right up. Robust would be an understatement.

The dry batch consisted of vibrantly brown grains, akin to the "crush, tear, curl" method of presentation. More steep for your buck. The scent was boldly citrus; like someone threw in some verbena for good measure.

The prep recommended per the KTeas site was 3 grams of tea leaves (1 heaping teaspoon) per 8oz cup of boiling water, alllowing a steep of four minutes. I went with a double-brew of 2 heaping teaspoons in 16oz for four.

It brewed to a robust mahogany. I would say it only needed a three-minute steep for future attempts, due to the leaf pieces being granules. The liquor possessed a bitter foreground taste, a malty and floral middle (never thought I'd associate those two together), and a bit of a dry finish. Very similar to Irish Breakfasts I've had in the past. Far different from the light Darjeelings I'd had of late. What I really liked was that it took milk rather well, as the site touted. For better results, do so. It will cut away the initial tannic taste

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2 Responses to “Reviews: KTeas Irish Sunrise”

  1. Lynn Says:

    For some reason my review didn’t get linked, or Jamie’s. Don’t know why you used two tsp. It’s not necessary. The stuff is darn strong with the prescribed dosage. I used 208F water and didn’t have even a hint of bitterness, and excellent flavor. Jaime had an experience closer to yours, but she steeped 3 min.and found it weak, while I went 4 min. Maybe it’s finicky? Whatever the case, I had a very different taste experience than either of you. Wonder if my sample was fresher? I was really surprised at the flavor, given the CTC presentation and ordered some for myself. Gave it an 8.9

  2. Geoff Says:

    That is odd. I’ve noticed this with a couple of other reviews too. Site glitch, mayhap.

    I brewed 2 heaping tsp because I used 16oz instead of 8.

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