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Thumbs up!"This sample would have been an excellent candidate for Gong-Fu brewing. All in all everything you could want out of a Dragonwell."
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bostondragonwellThe long healthy, almost perfectly flat, and quite full leaves somehow managed to survive shipping rather well in its little sample pack. Leaves like that are a breathtaking sight for a tea junkie such as I. This will not be a voluminous review, you can poke around at other dragonwell teas for a description of what that is, if you don't know (for instance Dans explanation here).

The first infusion was smooth, a little mild, but sweet, and full of that quintessential "vegetable" flavor that makes green tea, well, green. I actually wish some mad biologists with loads of time and no life would tell me, in terms a small child could comprehend, exactly what it is that generates that flavor. The only way to describe it to someone who didn't know what I was talking about would be to have them eat a Brussels sprout, some bok choi, some lettuce, cabbage, and a bit of spinach leaf, and figure out what exactly tasted the same between them. Ok so all of those plants are, sorta-kinda the same species, but you get the general idea.

at any rate the first infusion introduces your tongue to this flavor in much the same way your often introduced to relatives new girlfriends, namely very slowly, and usually while full. The second and third steeps were excellent and just built on the promise given by the first, a simple steep and dump would be a waste, and looking at the value of this tea would require keeping multiple steeps in mind. While I didn't try it myself this sample would have been an excellent candidate for Gong-Fu brewing. All in all everything you could want out of a Dragonwell.

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