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Thumbs up!"A very interesting blend of First Flush Darjeeling and Formosa Fancy Superior Oolong. Well worth trying out."
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kteaspeacefulaccordThis is a tea that has been a puzzle right from the beginning. To start with, the name itself threw me off. When digging through my samples, I kept picking up this one and putting it back simply because I was looking for something with caffeine and with a name like Peaceful Accord, well I assumed it was a tea I would drink to relax and prepare myself for sleep. I finally remembered to look it up when I was at a computer and discovered that it is a combination of First Flush Darjeeling and Formosa Fancy Superior Oolong. Now my interest is definitely piqued as I am on a definite Oolong kick right now.

My sample itself appears to be mainly the wiry leaves of a Darjeeling with a few of the stouter oolong leaves. The coloring ranges from a lighter golden green all way to a darker evergreen. The aroma itself gives no clues as there really isn’t one. I am able to pick up a twinge of the plastic bag that it was shipped in but no clues from the tea itself.

Since there were no brewing instructions that I could find, I took a stab in the dark. I set up my IngeniTea for a water temperature of 210 degrees and a steep time of three minutes. And here is where the puzzle continues. Expecting the liquor to be the darker reddish brown of a Darjeeling, I was instead greeted by the lighter golden color of an Oolong. Taking a closer look at my dry sample, it still appears to be composed of mainly Darjeeling leaves.

The taste itself is quite interesting. It is almost as though I am drinking two separate teas rather than a blend. What first hits my taste buds is the bright clarity of the Darjeeling. What a delightful clearing of the palate. Then the smooth, peachy taste of the oolong moves in and sticks around leaving a light buttery, creamy feel on your tongue. What a great combo! When you take your next sip, the Darjeeling clears away the texture and you are ready to start again.

This really is an intriguing blend. I probably won’t be hitting KTeas just to pick up this particular tea but while I am there, I will certainly toss it in to round out my cart. I really recommend people try this tea for yourself and let me know what you think.

— To purchase KTeas Peaceful Accord, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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