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Thumbs up!"A hearty white tea that is reminiscent of a white pu-erh. "
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kteaslogoLast night, I was in the mood for a white tea so I grabbed out KTeas’ South India White Oothu from my sample drawer. The aroma that arose from my sample was one that reminded me of spring. There was a fresh green scent with a faint floral aroma. It was the smell of a new season and growing things. Being as the spring equinox just passed, I couldn’t think of an aroma that was more fitting.

The name of this tea is descriptive of its origins. Oothu was the first tea garden in India to adopt the Biodynamic tea cultivation. What this means is that they are using organic means to produce their tea. As much as this planet has been abused, I give kudos to anyone trying to heal her.

India White Oothu is an interesting white tea. It has been partially oxidized and the leaves themselves are a variety of colors ranging from a lighter green to darker evergreen to russet to a gold. It appears that the leaves were also harvested later in life as I wasn’t able to find any white hairs on them and they are of a good size.

I set up my four cup tea-maker using two heaping tablespoons. I set the brew cycle for 2 minutes with a water temp of 160 degrees. The aroma of the brewed tea is now an earthy scent almost like leaves being turned into the earth. This tea is all about growing things. The color of the liquor is darker than most white teas I have run across reminding me of topaz of medium color.

Now the final test, my first sip which was unsweetened reminded me of a white pu-erh. This is not your typical white tea by any means. It has a body that is slightly earthy and drying on the edges of the tongue. When I sweetened my tea with rock sugar, the dryness faded away but the earthiness remained. Also making an appearance is a twinge of hazelnut.

I found this to be an enjoyable white tea with a heartiness I have rarely ran across in a white tea. This is a tea that I am seriously considering picking up for its uniqueness. Besides I enjoy the flavor.

— To purchase KTeas South India White Oothu, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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