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Its OK"With its relaxing suave, the tea coaxes with an interestingly different vegetal character of ferns and brussel sprouts, yet it may be a bit too dozy to awaken everyone’s tastes. "
Raven’s Teaview: 6.4/10
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tigerspringlazygreenAmidst the day to day rush of the rat race, I often think instead of the race between the tortoise and the hare. When there are times when I feel like I could never have enough hands to do all that I'd like, the tortoise's victory over the slick hare is kind of a beacon. Does slow and steady win the race? And can one achieve more with a lazy pace? As much as I can revel in what can seem the frenetic pace of Gongfu cha, there are days when it is the sloth in me that sounds the bell for tea. When I saw Tiger Spring Tea's Lazy Green tea, a green from Vietnam, I couldn't help but be curious. "Did the tea make itself?" perhaps after uttering some Vietnamese abracadabra to conjure the leaves to water? But as I know too well, nothing is ever that easy outside of the land of fables. So the ease of Tiger Spring Tea's green is the lackadasical brewing style they suggest. With 'a pinch of leaves and water just off the boil', one can snooze through a steep for a minute or two for a lazy cup without any fine measures, stopwatches or precise instrumentation or one can just drink up with the leaves still tucked in at the bottom of the cup.

The leaves don't look all that lazy though, presenting a wiry bluish green mix of curly-q's and twists as if to underscore one needs to unwind. However, the powdery matte cover of the large frenzied leaves and stems does lend a dozy air. Similarly, the leaves' scent is pretty laid back, to make one come to it, rather than it coming to you. Yet a light talc in the fragrance languidly stretches out with a dense vegetal character that is unique and refreshing. The vegetal notes seem hardier than Chinese or Japanese greens I’ve come to know that suggest brussel sprouts or cabbage and bay leaves with a kelpy edge.

In order to relax through a cup, I brewed for two minutes. Although I tried to be as lazy about it as I could, my anal tendencies, small hands (big pinch or little pinch) and bad sense of timing still required some guidance so I used two teaspoons at 175°F. There’s nothing idle or sleepy about the colour of the lively yellow green brew that radiates after steeping yet a slight haze yawns from the cup. The cup awakens with a medium aroma of ferns and brussel sprouts that ends with a wink of blackberry to arouse one for a sip. The light to medium body comforts with a light vegetal character without any bitterness, making it a real smooth talker. It is also an easy going, moderately rounded character, with a taste reminiscent of canned green beans with bean and swiss chard notes highlighted by a touch of saltiness that suggests a dash of butter. Though a bit savoury, warm and amiable, the smiling surface doesn’t quite have the depth to offer a richness to the vegetal flavours as it seems almost watery. Perhaps suitably, as one lingers on the lazy buttery greens, the tea slips off the tongue quickly with little aftertaste.

After a short nap or siesta, another steeping for slightly longer brings a nicely darker yellow cup as the leaves still seem leisurely laying in the cup, hardly tousled. One can notice the difference in the thicker veined leaves from the Vietnamese plants while there is quite a lot of stems to the large leaves. The scent of the cup is quite light with only a marine and mineral freshness in the taste that is a bit more sleepy than many may favour. Yet even after steeping for longer, the tea isn’t bitter with only a hint of dryness so it would likely be forgiving if over-brewed.

With its laid back attitude and unique flair, Tea Spring’s Lazy Green is a pleasant change for dazy days you don't want to get out of bed or when you're more interesting in playing with your remote control than a timer.

— To purchase Tiger Spring Tea Lazy Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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