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Not Great"The title had me reeling expectations in my mind of a parade full of chocolaty goodness and matè meritoriousness, but in reality this tea just didn't leave me with a craving for more. "
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kteaslogoThe yerba matè came through nicely. Yerba matè is a member of the holly family, Ilex paraguariensis. The yerba plant grows as a native in Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina and Bolivia. The infusions of the mate include the evergreen leaves and some twigs from the tall plants. Generally, there is a strong vegetal feel to this tea. Matè contains three members of the xanthine family: caffeine, theobromine and theophylline. This chemical cocktail provides a soothing effect on the smooth muscle and a stimulating effect on the cardiac muscle, however this heart stimulation is much less than the effects of coffee, so no need for alarm. Yerba matè also contains potassium, manganese and magnesium, important minerals to take in (in trace or small amounts) on a daily basis. Overall, a very body friendly plant.

All that considered, I still was not thrilled beyond belief by this particular matè, but it wasn't disappointing either. After reviewing my tea journal, I realised how "on the fence" I was about this blend. I felt that the chocolate that was supposed to be present may have had a balancing effect with the matè and they may have vied for attention and somewhat canceled each other out. Good benefits, easy to drink, not enough flavourful aspects for my fancies. What I am going to chalk it up to is the mad Irish woman within feeling that a good tea should knock you off your feet and have you begging for both mercy and more tea!

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