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Thumbs up!"A spicy blend of ginger and lemon grass with Guo Lu Chinese Green Tea - this is not a mild mannered tea but rather one with quite a spicy kick."
Dan’s Teaview: 7.2/10
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kteaslogoInitially, I dove into this tea, expecting to be greeted with a holiday aura of molasses-flavored sweet-and-spicy tea, recalling the fondest childhood memories of happily-frosted gingerbread men and/or those tasty, crispy Ginger Snap cookies. Alas, please don't come looking for such flavor, as this is a different animal altogether. The "snap" term may be misleading and should perhaps be removed from the title of this tea, as Lemon Ginger Green Tea covers all the bases nicely.

Misconceptions aside, this tea delivers with some great ingredients -- Chinese green tea (guo lu), ginger root, lemon grass and lemon myrtle. The lemon grass comprises a seeming majority of the blend, at least visually, and is presented in some nicely cut spears of medium-length. The Guo Lu tea appears like a black tea when juxtaposed against the yellows and greens of the other blend ingredients, and appears of very nice quality, with tightly rolled leaves, curled into various sharp u-turn shapes. Ample amounts of dried ginger root chunks peppered throughout the mix make their potency known from first sight. All of the ingredients are organic.

Despite this being a green tea, I have a tendency to brew this tea like a black tea (for one, because I dove into this not even knowing it was a green tea, and two, because the results are very nice when utilizing sub-boiling water). A typical brew of 3 - 4 minutes yields a pale, translucent cup that emits aromas indicative of medicinal teas or perhaps even a less mentholated cup of Theraflu. The lemon and ginger elements are powerful in the aroma of the cup, and once it hits the palate, the exotic spiciness is intriguing and satisfying. Any gentleness of the green tea is put to the wayside by the powerful additives in this blend (which could also explain why this works well with hotter brewing parameters, as any green tea bitterness is completely masked by the spicy ginger and lemongrass). This tea works nicely for the soothing properties of the lemon ingredients, yet the spiciness of the ginger balances that, and also provides added benefit of soothing an upset stomach. A cup of this, iced, in a thermos, on the go, could be great for a wavy boat ride or a day trip through a nausea-inducing amusement park.

This product is not really for anyone looking for a mild-mannered tea. It comes screaming out of the cup in all its spicy glory, and is all the more proud for it. It's kind of like the equivalent of those late 80s / early 90s Mountain Dew commercials. Although not an everyday multiple-cups-a-day type of tea, I have, in fact, been drinking it much more often than I would have thought.

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