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Thumbs up!"Delicate flavours, sweet cherry and violet held firmly in thinly rolled forest green sencha leaves. Kabuki must be drunk with the pinky finger high in the air, because it seems like a tea that is deserving of the adjective: "fanciful.""
Chelsy’s Teaview: 8.1/10
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americanteakabukiThis tea is simply a pretty art piece. Large sencha leaves, blossomy cherry tree flowers and vibrant violet blooms come together for a bold, flowery bouquet with a scent of cherry simple syrup. The dry leaves are gorgeous to gaze upon. The salmon and violet coloured flowers are adorable and displayed on a forest green background of sencha, which seems to have a metallic gleam as they are tilted about under the sunlight. (This is most likely a result of the saccharine syrup they have been dipped in, but it is a quality I have not seen in any other tea).

I was skeptical at first about the two minute brew time, but it was perfect and I have not even desired to stray from it. The dry leaves are robustly, over the top pungent with a cherry scent, which is entirely necessary if there is going to be a cherry flavour in the tasting of the tea. As smell of raw sencha also wafts up in the pre-brew sniffing of the tea. The brewed tea is overwhelmingly grassy, quite odd for the dry and wet to me so polar and unbalanced, but this is what they are. Finally, the brewed tea itself seems like it has been tamed and a mellowed version of the leaf aromas comes out to play. Well balanced from beginning to end, though I am not sure how the people at the American Tea Room did it. Props to whom they are due.

Finally the taste is elegant, firm in its identity yet light tasting, a tea that would be a good precursor to lunch or supper I am sure. I had my friend Dan, who was born and lived in Japan for the first 11 years of his life take a sip of Kabuki. Dan hates tea, swears up and down that the stuff his parents drank was vulgar and he doesn't care for the whole lot of it anymore. This sencha broke this stalwart vendetta against all things tea. He likes it, and who could blame him, it is splendid. There are days when this will not be my cup, days when a stronger throat kicker is necessary, but Kabuki definitely has its place in my tea treasure chest, and there it shall stay.

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  1. David Says:

    Thanks Chelsea. We always like your reviews. You did notice something special about our tea leaves…the reason they shine like they do is because a very SPECIAL type of sencha is used to create this extraordinary blend — it is called Kabuse, which uses just the tips of the leaves that are grown in the shade (like Gyokuro) but for a much shorter time. It is quite rare and very expensive, but we were able to secure a nicely priced batch. We also make a new season version of this which is available in our store now for a limited time. Kabuki First Season is made of hand picked early spring Kabuse and the first cherry blossom of the season from Uji Japan.

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