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Thumbs up!"It is clearly high quality and reaches levels of flavour avid tea drinkers spend day after day searching for."
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leafspaeaglenestdropLong story short, I had to contact LeafSpa Orgfanic Tea about this leaf, and after some back and forth, I learned a few very important things about the company. First, they have excellent customer service. They are really passionate about their tea being organic and top-notch, and they want people to know it. They really went out of their way to make me happy, and I imagine they do the same for all their customers. I feel much better trusting my tea buying with a company that cares as much as they have shown so far.

Warning, Canuck stuff ahead. Feel free to skip this paragraph if you dwell in the USA. LeafSpa also went out of their way to make sure I knew that they work hard to be buyer-friendly towards Canadians. Their shipping prices are based on set weights. If you buy a small amount, you'll be a bit hooped because you'll pay the same as someone who buys up to two kilograms of tea. It's a fair system because LeafSpa ships their tea in tins, which are impossible to ship economically. It also doesn't bother me because I usually buy tea in larger batches, and $8 for up to two kilos is an amazing price. Even if you buy just a pound, it's still a good price.

I don't love that you have to buy LeafSpa's tea pre-tinned, but I do love that the tins seem to seal rather well and that they have all the pertinent information about each tea on the label. I have enough teas on hand that I often forget the best way to steep each one, and looking it up is such a pain, so such reminders are appreciated.

For my first infusion, I steeped the tea for around three minutes with just below boiling water. To be honest, I didn't measure very precisely because my first cup was meant to be a casual sipping tea rather than an official tasting cup, but I'm too busy wallowing in awesome not to write about it now.

The tea looks, smells, feels, tastes nothing short of exquisite. The flavour is luxurious and extremely rich for a green tea. LeafSpa's website calls the flavour muscatel, which I agree with, but I also get strong berry notes. The leaf is so robust, you'd almost think it's flavoured, but it isn't. It's a plain leaf, though far from, well, plain. The maltiness is noticeable if you look hard enough, but it is far from the most prominent flavour. With every sip I'm thinking, "Mmm..."

I tried a four-minute second steep, and once again I face the dilemma of a tea that has a stellar first steep followed by a merely good second one. If I drunk my second cup out of the context of the first one, I am sure I'd enjoy it, but it's a bit of a let-down after the first. Later on I gave my husband the first steep then drank the second by itself, and as I suspected, I enjoyed it much more than before.

In short, this is an excellent tea. It is clearly high quality and reaches levels of flavour avid tea drinkers spend day after day searching for. If this is the epitome of LeafSpa's finer teas, then this is a company I can get really excited about.

— To purchase LeafSpa Eagle Nest Ever Drop Green Tea, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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2 Responses to “Review: LeafSpa Eagle Nest Ever Drop Green Tea”

  1. Shaiha Says:

    I keep seeing these high ratings for LeafSpa so I ordered some of their teas. I only ordered one that had been reviewed here and that is the only one I haven’t tried. (it is a darjeeling and I am waiting until I am finished for a darjeeling tasting is over) but the ones I have tried I didn’t care for. All appeared to be of high quality yet there was just something off in the taste. Maybe I am not meant for organic teas.

  2. Katie Says:

    I think I had around 7 of their teas, and they were all very hit or miss. I loved a few and made my husband drink the rest of a couple. May I ask what ones you didn’t care for?

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