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Its OK"A good candidate for an iced tea, the sweet and sour combination of the fruit taste, along with the slightly dry finish make for a very thirst-quenching brew."
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kteaslogoThis is my first foray into the world of green rooibos. I've been curious to know if the flavour of the unoxidized version of the herb is much different compared to it's oxidized, red counterpart. Keeping in mind that I've never had other green rooiboses to compare it too, I found this offering from KTeas fairly pleasant. Their website describes this blend as a good candidate for hot or iced tea, bringing together green rooibos, peach pieces, sunflower blossoms and an unidentified natural flavour.

The blend is a mix of pale green and light tan rooibos leaves of varying shapes and sizes, interspersed with sunflower petals. I can't seem to find any peach pieces in my sample no matter how hard I look. The smell of the dried tisane gives off a sunny, slightly tart, peach perfume. Left to my own devices in terms of brewing parameters, I used a generous teaspoon of leaves with 8 ounces of water boiled to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and let steep for 5 minutes. As with another rooibos blend from KTeas I recently reviewed, I realized I needed to give these teas a good long steep to allow the flavours to come out of their shells. In later experimentations with this blend I found that you can leave the leaves in the cup pretty much indefinitely with no adverse effects. The amber-coloured beverage smells faintly of ripe summer fruit. In the foreground is the taste of the green rooibos, faintly honeyed and grassy, followed by a mild peach flavour. Overall the cup is soothing and natural tasting: not too sweet but not too tart either. I can see why they suggest having it iced: the sweet and sour combination of the fruit taste, along with the slightly dry finish make for a very thirst-quenching brew. The tisane has a fair amount of natural sweetness on it's own but adding a bit of extra sweetener really does make the peach flavour much punchier.

Although it's not the most intense of rooibos blends out there, it is pleasant enough. It's so reasonably priced for the quality that I find it hard not to recommend it. I do wish that the peach flavour came out a bit more strongly without having to sweeten the cup. However this can certainly hit the spot for those looking for a mild, fruity evening cup.

— To purchase KTeas Peach Green Rooibush, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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