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americanlavenderprovencalSo for my birthday this year I have zeroed in on hitting up a Basque restaurant for dinner as its the only oddly french/basque thing about Bakersfield that I haven't yet sampled. So there is a certain poetry in having an "American Tea Room" tea inspired by something in the south-east of France while plotting to have dinner at an American restaurant inspired by the south-west of France.

"Aromatherapy in a cup" is right, I'd almost recommend this as a Potpourri if I didn't think it'd insult the blender not to actually drink it. Its a really great Lavender and lemon smell that fills the room and generally makes the room a more pleasant place to be in. I guess what I'm saying is if you work somewhere, ahem, "unpleasantly fragrant" Stock up.

To the vendors credit there is no tea in the blend, and nowhere on the bag does he mark it with that unholy monster of a word "Herbal Tea". I know my obsessive loathing of the term boarders on the disturbing, but it just grates on me each and every time I hear it, so Thank you American Tea Room.

The blend tastes mostly of Lavender, with just a little pickup from the Mints, lemons, and verbena. I should qualify the last bit by saying that I can't really describe the Verbena content as its something I've never had individually. The Lemon, Lemon balm, and lemon grass were all great additions, although truth be told I love lavender period, so starting from a winner is always a good thing, and to top it all off it holds up well to a second steep. All in all heartily recommended.

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  1. David Says:

    Troy…no offense taken…there is a certain starlet who does actually line her “intimate drawers” with sachets of this very tea….a bit decadent but who am I to complain?

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