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Thumbs up!"Looks like a fishing lure, strains like.. well a strainer."
Troy’s Teaview: 9/10
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marypopinThe Mary Pop-in tea strainer is a solution to a problem I personally don't usually have. This isn't one of those, I'm a guy I don't have THAT problem, things, it really isn't a problem for me.

The Mary Pop-in Tea strainer is a simple device made of an umbrella like array of small wires held be a small central handle. In reality it looks like a fly fishing lure designed to attract robotic fish, but it does seem to do its job rather well. In testing this device I had a small problem, I didn't have a strainer-free teapot with a spout large enough not to prevent the leaves from escaping by blockage.

Digging around the kitchen, like a ninja, like a flipping ninja man, I managed to find an old measuring cup with a very prominent, and wide, spout. Insert leaves, insert hot water, insert strainer, Presto! not that presto, the "It was so easy its all done one!"

I poured back and forth from the strained spout to a clear cup, and then removed the strainer to see if "pouring off" would have a similar effect. While I didn't have much in the way of leaf-in-cup without the strainer, I had practically no leaf-pollution (I smell an Indie band) with it in.

The strainer does its job well, it strains in a spout wide enough to actually need it, and if for yourself, unlike myself, leaves are not an option, then you should find a great match with this little wonder. Of course you could always go robot fishing.

— To purchase KTeas Mary Pop-in, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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