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Thumbs up!"A bold and grassy variety that lacks the sweetness typically associated with matcha. There is no doubt that this is a VERY fresh product."
Vanessa’s Teaview: 8/10
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domatchacanEver since my first exposure to matcha, I am always game for sampling any and all varieties of this unique powdered tea. My sample of Do (pronounced like ‘doe’) Matcha’s ceremonial matcha arrived at my door about as fresh as possible. The tea was sealed in a foil pouch then vacuum sealed inside a small tin. While this may seem overkill, it certainly ensured that my matcha was at the peak of freshness. Do’s ceremonial matcha is distinct from all other matcha products I have had before. I can’t say if the distinction is a good thing or a bad thing, as it is simply a matter of taste. What I can state is that where other matchas that I have had are typically very green in flavor, but also very sweet, Do’s version of this tea is entirely green. If that typical sweet aftertaste is the main reason you like matcha, then I am not sure that Do’s matcha is the one for you. But if you are a lover of green tea and can’t get enough of earthy and vegetal flavors, then this is the one for you. I would say that this matcha’s vegetal flavor could be described as a blend of grassy and asparagus flavors. The flavor is strong and certainly not something I would offer to the newcomer to green tea. However, those that are accustomed to green tea and, more particularly, matcha, will be happy to taste such a bold and lively matcha.
I feel compelled to point out that Do’s matcha was an intense neon green color, which I translate to be indicative of how fresh this tea is. For the sake of comparison, I looked at the tin of generic matcha I had purchased from my local Oriental market. While the generic stuff was a dull, mossy green, Do’s matcha was vibrant and bright. It’s very unlikely that the generic matcha was processed in the same fashion and given the utmost care to preserve freshness and maximize flavor as has apparently been the case with the Do matcha.
Do’s website is full of serving suggestions for their matcha, including lattes, frappes, matcha lemonades, and matcha martinis. I have not yet been able to experiment with all of the recipes, but I have been slightly obsessed with the matcha frappe, which I have been devouring for breakfast for the last three days. This frappe is made simply by blending milk, matcha, ice cubes and cinnamon. The grassy flavor comes through even when blended with milk and cinnamon. Yum…my mouth is watering in anticipation of tomorrow’s breakfast frappe.

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