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Thumbs up!" A touch of nutty, buttery edge mingles amongst pure liquid jasmine, making it a very happy example of jasmine pearl tea."
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jingjasminepearlsThis will be my first taste of Jing's products. Their informative website is a joy to peruse. It describes, in video form no less, how these pearls are hand-rolled to preserve the freshness of the jasmine scent once the leaves have been infused with the aroma of the flowers. This five day procedure is apparently rather tricky and requires a fair amount of craftsmanship and patience.

All ready the beautiful floral scent of the dry pearls has me favourably inclined. Fairly strong, without being cloying, the fresh, delicate smell of the blossoms seems as though they were picked this morning. The pearls themselves are equally appealing. The tightly rolled balls look somewhat like twine, with white tips rolling around the olive green leaves. I followed the instructions listed on Jing's website, using one rounded teaspoon of pearls for 8 ounces of water boiled to 80 degrees Celsius, and then steeped for 3 minutes. The result is a highly fragrant, pale gold liquor, so much so you can taste the tea just by inhaling the scent. The tea leaves used are really top notch: I can see the tiny hairs of the tea leaves floating at the bottom of my cup. I've never seen this happen with a green tea before. However taste-wise, this cup is really all about the jasmine. The tea base lends a buttery, velvety touch, but it's the flowers that dominate. Although the floral element is pleasant enough, there is a flatness to the overall flavour profile. Even after experimenting with a 4 minute steep and heating the water to 90 degrees Celsius, the tea base still lacks a bit of punch and complexity. I preferred this tea slightly cooled: somehow the hotter the tea, the more like dish soap the jasmine flavour. The texture was also improved with a cooler temperature: it became much creamier as it cooled off.

The tea leaves were not completely loosened from their pearl shapes after one steep, so I decided to infuse them again for another 4 minutes. Bearing a darker, greenish tinge, the second steeping has a bit more of a vegetal edge to it. The tea has really come into its own now and the creamy texture is more fully unleashed. The jasmine has entirely lost the cleaning product quality of the first steeping. This cup is truly a regal experience. Pushing the leaves for a third and a fourth 4 minute steep produced two more extremely pleasant cups. The tea base is increasingly more present. The floral flavour is now more subdued but provides a delicious lift to the aftertaste. One could probably continue infusing the pearls again a few times, based on the strength of these cups. Looking at the unfurled pearls, they show perfectly preserved, pale olive duos of small leaves accompanying the furry single buds.

This is a tea designed to appeal to all senses and it truly succeeds. A touch of nutty, buttery edge mingles amongst pure liquid jasmine, making it the most successful example of jasmine pearl tea I've sampled to date. Although it's pricier than many jasmine teas, when one considers the quality and labour involved in making this blend, it is well worth a little extra.

— To purchase JING Tea Jasmine Pearls, or for more specific information on ingredients or the story behind this particular tea, click here to go directly to the manufacturer's web site.

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  1. Laura Says:

    Wow, these sound excellent! Makes me want some!

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