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Thumbs up!"The taste was deep-bodied, fruity, slightly earthy, and revitalizing. Saying a lot since I was up in the wee hours of the morning."
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bostonorganicpeonyBoston Tea Company presents a Bai Mu Dan offering of - what they boast - is of the "finest grade". I'm sure that is probably the case, but it is a little misleading. Sure, Bai Mu Dan (or "White Peony") is awesome, but it's the second grade of white tea. Not the highest. Big difference. Yet, some prefer it to queenly Silver Needle sibling because of its much fuller taste. Brewing can be more liberal too.

The dry batch looked like other peony'd whites I'd seen before; all stem and leaf, off-green and brown. Not the most appealing of sites. Not much white tea fuzz to see either. I always thought the more stem included in a white tea batch, the lower the quality was, yet I've stood corrected on multiple occasions. The smell of the leaves threw me for a moment. I detected cinnamon. I had no idea if my sample was too close to a masala chai blend or what, but I distinctly smelled the spice.

Alas, my favorite pet peeve was present on the website. I saw no brewing instructions. I went with a safe white tea default of 1 tablespoon in 8oz of 170F water for three minutes. I could've easily gone for four minutes, but it was five in the morning. My patience was nonexistent.

The infusion possessed a light gold color, on par with other peonies. The nose was smoky with a tinge of citrus rind; like someone lit a blowtorch to an orange. The spicy scent I got from the dry batch seemed to carry over a little bit giving the gentle aroma of a lighter oolong or a Shou Mei-style white tea. The taste was deep-bodied, fruity, slightly earthy, and revitalizing. Saying a lot since I was up in the wee hours of the morning. Clearly good, but not enough to rip me away from my Darjeeling whites and Yinzhens. A very good contender, though.

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