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Thumbs up!"Colonille would make an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple and straightforward dessert tea or sweet and enjoyable tea to have any old time."
Jamie’s Teaview: 7.5/10
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serendipiteacolonilleColonille is a black tea blended with vanilla. The black tea chosen for the base hails from Vietnam and I think this is certainly the first Vietnamese black tea (though not the first tea of Vietnamese origin) I have encountered in my tea drinking travels.

The leaf is short and a little twisty, jet in color and definitely an aromatic delight. The smell is primarily of vanilla, but as I inhale, I pick up caramel and even cola like scents as well. I'm reminded of creme caramel, and this isn't a difficult thing to be reminded of.

I tried preparing this tea a few different ways in terms of steep times and found that a three and a half minute steep using a well rounded teaspoon of leaf per 8 ounces of just off the boil water worked best for me in terms of bringing out the flavors. I wouldn't hesitate to play around a bit and see what happens for you with this tea. As the website notes, however, steeping past five minutes doesn't bring out any more flavor, but only bitterness. I think up to five minutes you could be reasonably comfortable.

The black tea base is sturdy and not at all bitter. The tea brews to a wonderful color, really a bright coppery red! Truly, this tastes like a wonderful dessert tea. Frankly, it's not all that time sensitive, though, and I can vouch for enjoying it in the morning with Saturday breakfast, in the afternoon and in the evening, too - surprising given that I tend to be a little caffeine sensitive. The tastes are sweetly creme caramel-esque, and though this is a vanilla blend, wow do the caramel flavors come out strongly. I would have thought this was a caramel tea, nearly. The vanilla lends a strong and interesting flavor, and one that doesn't sit still. I tasted vanilla, caramel, creaminess, cola, and even citrusy notes with a little sweetener in there.

I don't know why, but I found stevia to be a poor sweetening choice with this tea. Your experience might be different, but when I added stevia, it seemed to interact differently with the tea base, bringing out a reedy almost saccharine aftertaste that I didn't notice in the tea when I drank it au natural or used a little sugar. From experimentation, I can say that it wasn't the tea's fault. I will also note that a second steeping of these leaves isn't worthwhile. You will enjoy the best of what the tea offers with the first steeping, for sure.

The addition of vanilla makes this a tasty, enjoyable tea. Colonille would make an excellent choice if you are looking for a simple and straightforward dessert tea or sweet and enjoyable tea to have any old time. The fragrance is wonderful. And definitely consider this if you are looking for a caramel like tea. The website mentions chocolate in its notes on the flavor profile, but I was really impressed with a caramel like flavor that was very good!!

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