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Thumbs up!"I found this tea to be just as nice - if a bit superior to - the previous Oothu Estate tea I've enjoyed. Sweet, mildly spicy, bold and flavorful - yet ridiculously smooth."
Dan’s Teaview: 8/10
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kteaslogoThe famed Oothu garden located close to the southern tip of India, is precisely famed for their excellent white tea production, and also apparently for the fact that they are the first estate in their nation to adopt Biodynamic tea cultivation, which I believes involves spirituality combined with organic gardening practices. This specific tea is partially oxidized, lending to its multi-colored appearance.

This tea is a visually-pleasing Oothu white - I've enjoyed Zhi tea's offering from this same estate in the past, so in comparison, they are very similar in appearance. Big, broad leaves combined with a few needle-like buds, a portion of half-rolled/half-shriveled leaves, and some finer dustings. The hues present are very nice - a collection of browns and greens, greys and yellows. Aroma of the dried leaf is very pleasant - a light and subtle tobacco-like scent. Earthy and pleasing.

KTeas recommends steeping at 70-degrees C for no longer than 2 minutes. Utilizing these parameters, a wonderful cup is produced. Interestingly, the spent leaves take on a bright green appearance with streaks of red throughout. The resultant cup has a barely-there aroma, semi-sweet and earthy. The flavor of the cup is immediately powerful and delicious. Slightly sweet, a bit earthy, mildly spicy, and overall incredibly smooth. Not a lick of astringency or detracting flavors to be found.

Curious if the leaves would withstand a second infusion, I brewed with slightly higher-temperature water and for twice as long. This, too, produced a nice cup - albeit quite a different animal altogether. Not quite as smooth, a bit astringent, and much heavier on the spiciness. Yet still very nice, delicious, well-rounded, and enjoyable.

I found this tea to be just as nice - if a bit superior to - the previous Oothu Estate tea I've enjoyed.

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