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Thumbs up!"Taste-wise, it was definitely subtle. If you can call a kick to the ear by a toddler, subtle. Small but packin'."
Geoff’s Teaview: 7.9/10
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chateaurougefikkalThis Nepalese first flush certainly had the visual flare of a Darjeeling, many hues of greens and browns amidst the tea leaf tapestry. However, the individual leaves seemed smaller. Might've been my imagination, though. To the nose, the dry batch packed a grape-like aroma wrapped in a light, spicy cloud. It smelled like it's picking season; spring-like.

On the exhaustively/exquisitely detailed Chateau Rouge site, they recommended brewing one rounded teaspoon per cup for no more than four minutes in (at most) 98C water. I erred on the side of subtlety and went with 95C for three. I found that more characteristics come out with a lighter steep time for single estate blacks. That and less tannins are released. Of course, this is all palate subjective.

The liquor color was an off-kilter surprise. It brewed to a light gold...not brown, not amber. Lighter than even some greens. I was worried until I put my nose to the cup. The crisp, earthspice scent relieved me. Taste-wise, it was definitely subtle. If you can call a kick to the ear by a toddler, subtle. Small but packin'. The flavor profile of a Darjeeling existed, but not of a black, rather a Darjeeling white. Hardly a harsh criticism since I "loves me some Darj whites".

For the second infusion, I ignored brewing times entirely. I re-infused the leaves, went about some monotonous task, then came back to it a few minutes later. Not sure how long "a few" was - probably in the double-digits. Believe it or not, the second round didn't get much darker. It did finally break the "amber" barrier - resembling a raw puer - but not much more than that. The muscatel flavor was more apparent, but some of the initial earthy nuance had left. Diluted, mayhap.

In summary. this is a very good orange pekoe. It has all the strengths and weaknesses of a first flush and doesn't deviate much from that. It's better than "just drinkable", but falls short of "total mouthgasm!". But that's okay. Bronze medal ain't bad.

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