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Thumbs up!"This tea may not be as minty as some may like - myself included - but it's a winning formula nonetheless. Definitely recommended for hot, humid, sunny sipping."
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bostonmintinteabaggedThis tea's claim to fame is that Jackie Kennedy had a passion for it and served it to her guests during her husband's . It apparently became such a hit that it continued to be served in the White House over the next several presidencies.

This is the type of tea that, years ago, I would have probably kept in constant supply in my kitchen cupboard, if I was to discover it and be able to purchase it conveniently. Then I discovered loose leaf tea, and have rarely imbibed bagged tea since. Boston's Mint-In-Tea consists of paper-wrapped tea bags containing orange pekoe black tea blended with Kentucky spearmint. I'm generally a sucker for mint tea, but it's somewhat rare to encounter a black tea with mint. Typically mint is an ingredient reserved for herbal tisanes, or is often paired with green tea. The reasons behind this show in this tea, which is such that a black tea is often too strong in flavor to allow the mint to come shining through on the palette. However, I find this intriguing and a nice touch that the mint is a bit subtle.

This being summer (and it's insanely hot down here in Florida - we are 2 weeks running so far with heat index temperatures breaking the 100-degrees-Fahrenheit mark, and no sign of it letting up anytime soon), iced tea is called for in high demand around my house. Also, Florida may be pretty far south, but I never really consider us part of "the south" -- that ends at the Georgia border for all intents and purposes. And of course unsweet tea is somewhat of a rarity in the south. That's OK by me, but I also like to mix half sweet half unsweet when I can. So when I brewed up my many batches of Mint-In-Tea, I kept the sugar to a respectable level.

I brewed this as I would most hot tea or iced tea -- two teabags per 8 ounces of tea, brewed for 5 minutes. The double strength comes in handy when you can't wait it out and you just want to chug some tea pronto. Over ice, the ice melts quick, of course, and it cuts the flavor down.

There are no real surprises here, except how enjoyable and refreshing this tea is. It might be that my tea snobbery kicks up in the winter, and then when summer rolls around, inevitably I succumb to lesser-quality tea when brewing up full pitchers of iced tea, and that's OK. As mentioned earlier, the mint takes a back seat to the full black tea flavor, but it is definitely present and very nice indeed. It may not be as minty as some may like, myself included, but it's a winning formula nonetheless. Definitely recommended for hot, humid, sunny sipping.

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